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Leadership and Planned Giving

There are still trillions of stars to identify. Millions of diseases to cure. Countless dinosaurs to uncover. Only 5% of the world’s oceans have been explored. Who will seek out these unknowns? We need the Perot Museum of Nature and Science now more than ever to inspire our children to be the scientific leaders of tomorrow.


Have a lasting impact on and join the Perot Museum in its mission to inspire minds through nature and science. Your generous support can bring science, technology, engineering, and math to life for countless children, provide resources and hands-on learning opportunities for teachers to educate the next generation of scientists, doctors, engineers, and Nobel laureates.

“…this was our ‘family vacation’ this year. My husband lost his job in January and money has been tight this year. I was looking on your website this morning for discounts and realized you offered a Community Partners program.

You have no idea what a huge blessing this was to our family.

I can't thank you enough for offering this program. We had such a wonderful experience and it will definitely be one of our cool family memories.”

Testimonial about our Community Partners program, made possible through donor contributions


The Perot Museum reminds us that the universe is grander than ourselves and older than we can fathom. It inspires our community through exhibits, marvels, and presentations. It exhilarates and entertains visitors of all ages … because after all, it’s never too late to learn.

Your consideration of a long-lasting gift to the Perot Museum can keep the wonder alive for generations to come. Leave a legacy for your family, while inspiring someone else’s.

“I've never seen them so engaged before. These teenagers said it was better than going to Six Flags. My group loved it all.”

“Many of the concepts we have taught in our classes were reinforced in fun, high-tech ways that we cannot accomplish in our classrooms.”

“This trip expanded our students' knowledge of science and reinforced concepts they learned in science.”

Testimonials about student field trips to the Museum, made possible through donor contributions

Leadership and Planned Giving

For more information on how you can inspire generations to come, please contact Katherine Stenesen, Chief Development Officer, at or 214.756.5805

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