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Our Thanks

Through the generosity of the many individuals, families, and companies who have a commitment to education in the sciences, the Perot Museum is able to inspire lifelong learners and the visionaries of tomorrow.

The Perot Family

The foundation for the Perot Museum was created through a passion for education, a vision for the future, and the tremendous generosity of the Perot family.

In May 2008, the five Perot children donated $50 million to the fundraising campaign to build the new Victory Park location of the Museum of Nature & Science in Dallas in honor of their parents, Margot and Ross Perot. With the opening of the new facility in December 2012, the location was named in the family’s honor.

It is so compelling to hear how many great researchers, scientists, engineers, doctors, and educators first became interested in their chosen fields as a result of visiting a great museum of science or natural history. It is our hope that this Museum can be an inspiration to the next generation of pioneers, discoverers and visionaries.

Nancy Perot

The adult children had been searching for a way to honor their parents who had given so much to both them and the city of Dallas. When the Museum opportunity came along, the children said it felt perfect. Their parents’ lifelong passion has always been education, particularly in the sciences. Mr. Perot’s hope was for the Museum to inspire a new generation of engineers and scientists. “This will get them to dream,” he said. “In our country, you can dream the dream and make the dream come true.” He said he was “honored that my children and grandchildren wanted to do this. And I hope it will inspire young people to reach for the stars, as I was able to do.”


We are more than just a museum; we are a place to inspire the next generation of game changers. Your financial support through annual memberships and financial gifts directly goes toward our pursuit of excellence in exhibits, education, and research that directly impacts our mission of inspiring minds though nature and science. Thank you for helping us educate the leaders of tomorrow.

Annual Donors

We gratefully recognize our generous supporters, who invested in our mission to inspire minds through nature and science, and contributed over $1,000 during our 2021 fiscal year (October 1 – September 30).

$100,000 and above

American Airlines
Bain & Company
Cambium Learning, Inc.
Children’s Health
City of Dallas, Office of Arts and Culture
Gene and Jerry Jones Family Foundation
Charlotte Jones
Gene and Jerry Jones
Highland Capital Philanthropies
Lyda Hill Philanthropies
The Hoglund Foundation
Sally and Forrest Hoglund
Kelly Compton
Shelly Dee
Kristy Robinson
Hunt Family Foundation
Institute of Museum and Library Services
Lockheed Martin
Perot Foundation
Margot Perot
Petrocap, LLC/Kate and Lane Britain
Saks Fifth Avenue
Texas Instruments, Inc.
U.S. Small Business Administration
Katy and Bill Wade
Wolfgang Puck Catering and Events, LLC

$50,000 to $99,999

The Addy Foundation
Balfour Beatty Construction
Nancy and Randy Best
Suzanne and Patrick McGee
National Science Foundation
PPG Foundation
Carolyn and Karl Rathjen
Stephen M. Seay Foundation
Sewell Automotive Companies
Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits and The Glazer Family
Toyota Motor North America, Inc.

$25,000 to $49,999

Pat and Gill Clements Foundation
Community Beer Co.
Alfred & Kathryn Gilman Family Giving Fund
Jill Bee and Loren Glasser
Nancy Ann and Ray L. Hunt
Nancy Perot and Rod Jones
Karen and Alan Katz
Kirkland & Ellis LLP
Cassie and Mac McFarland

The Mudge Foundation
Papercity Magazine
Sarah and Ross Perot, Jr.
The Rees-Jones Foundation
Jan and Trevor Rees-Jones
Katherine Perot Reeves and Eric Reeves
Deedie Rose
Sealark Foundation
Texas Women’s Foundation
Jean and Tom Walter

$15,000 to $24,999

The Theodore and Beulah Beasley Foundation
CFP Foundation
Emily and David Corrigan
Mary Anne Cree*
Event Network
ExxonMobil Corporation
Rusty and John Jaggers

Junior League of Dallas, Inc.
Talene and Hagop Kozanian
Katherine and Bob Penn
Catherine and Will Rose
Sharon and Kip Tindell



$10,000 to $14,999

Lindsay and George Billingsley
Linda and Steve Blasnik
M & A Brown Family Foundation
Alice and Michael Brown
Capital For Kids
Nancy and Clint Carlson
Communities Foundation of Texas
Maura and Timothy Costello
Pilar and Lew Davies
Judy and Jim Gibbs
Judy and Roy Gurley
Haynes and Boone, LLP
Bert P. Headden and Cindy S. Thomas
Hirsch Family Foundation
Margaret and Brad Hirsch

The Men and Women of Hunt Consolidated, Inc.
Catalina and Santiago Jorba
Jessica and Drew Katigan
Locke Lord LLP
Tom and Charlene Marsh Family Foundation
Sharon and Tom Meurer
Susan and Bill Montgomery
Dorothy and John O’Dwyer
Katherine and Michael Phillips
Michal and Loyd Powell
The Rosewood Corporation
Sapphire Foundation
Marlene and John Sughrue
Judith and Daniel Tobey
VEX Robotics

$5,000 to $9,999

Susie and John Adams
Carolyn and Ken Barth
Barbara and Bob Bigham
Sarah and Sam Bloom
Bloomberg Philanthropies
Diane and Hal Brierley
Kathy and James Clark
Meghan and Zac Cohn
Corrigan Investments, Inc.
Catherine A. Corrigan
Peggy Dear
Betsy and Richard Eiseman
Laura and Walter Elcock
Catie and Aaron Enrico
Amy and Lee Fikes
Mr. and Mrs. Roger C. Gault
Kathryn and Craig Hall
Dr. Joan Hill
Hillwood Urban
Michele and Jack Lafield
The Lamplighter School
Lockton Dunning Benefits
Luther King Capital Management
Make It Count Family Foundation
Debbie and Ric Scripps
Jennifer and Andy Scripps

Katie Morgan and Aaron Michelsohn
Frank Mihalopoulos
Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Montgomery
Morgan Stanley
Dr. John and Cecilia Morgan
Harry S. Moss Foundation
Ruth Mutch
Kent and Heather Novak
The Okada Family Foundation
Pegasus Bank
Aimee Williams-Ramey and Royce Ramey
Dr. Linda Silver
Camille and Earl Simpkins
Nicole and Justin Small
Katherine and Drew Stenesen
Tolleson Wealth Management
Julie and Jacob Walter
Tess White Foundation, Inc.
The Alinda Hill Wikert Foundation
Abigail and Todd Williams
Mrs. Roberta Williamson
Abigail Barton and J.D. Young

$2,500 to $4,999

Anonymous (6)
Peggy and Richard Allison
The Baldridge Foundation
Heather and Ray Balestri
Jessye M. Ball
Debbie and Gerald Barnes
Dr. William Stanley Beecham
Ben E. Keith Company
Sheila and Dave Beuerlein
Audrey and Joel Bines
Suzie and Scott Birnbaum
Lauren and Tré Black
Blackbaud, Inc.
Cordelia and Tom Boone
Charles Bell and Catherine Bracken
Tucker Bridwell
Ali and Spencer Browne
Burns & McDonnell Foundation
Angela Wommack and Ted Casey
Century Glass & Mirror, Inc.
Reena and James Morris
Mr. Barry Clark
The Clayton Family Foundation
Virginia and Ansel Condray
Andrea and George Conklin
Greg Swalwell and Terry Connor
Ka and L. L. Cotter
Morgan Cox
Erin Nealy Cox and Trey Cox
Credit Suisse
Kathy and Harlan Crow
Linda and Bill Custard
Sherri and Alan Darver
Anne and Mike Duffy
Mrs. Henry Estess
Julie Ford
Kay and Duncan T. Fulton III
Traci and Geoffrey Funk
Mr. and Mrs. Ron J. Gard
Renee and Jeff George
Kathleen and Robert Gibson
Michelle and Michael Ginnard
Cathy and Craig Glick
Deborah Deitsch-Perez and Steven Goldfine
Robyn and Andrew Gould
Sheila and Joseph Grant
Mona and Bill Graue
Carolyn and Loren Greaves
Lauren and Ryan Grogman
Michael and Paulette Haggerty
Margaret and John Haley
Carol Heller
Dean Gresham and Caleb Hernandez
Michael and Savannah Hester
Helen Hobbs
Abby and Brendan Hoffman
Holland & Knight LLP
Marla and Mark Hughston
Amy and David Humphries
Mrs. Lamar Hunt
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Irwin
Jackson Walker LLP
Maria Cristina and Jaime Jaramillo
Ashley and Elliot Jeter
Joyce and Douglas Johnson
Melinda and Jim Johnson
Barrell and Jacob Jones
JPMorgan Chase

Kline Family Foundation
Rachel and John Koryl
Lisa and Peter Kraus
Nicolette and Miles Lamont
Mary Ann and Allen Lassiter
Allyson and Hays Lindsley
Kathy and Tim Litinas
Mr. Paul Loyd, Jr.
Dr. Lottye Lyle and Dr. Bobby B. Lyle
Marguerite and Michael Marz
Libby and Murray McCabe
Tim McCabe
Mary McDermott Cook
Anne McNamara and Errol Mitlyng
Sarah and Shawn McNaughton
Kenneth P. Mecca Family
Dr. and Mrs. Venu Menon
Mr. and Mrs. Brian K. Miller
Virginia and Ben Mimmack
George and Lisa Mixon
Lark and J. C. Montgomery, Jr.
Tori and Ross Mulford
Navias Family Foundation
Penny Reid and Tom Nolan
Tamara and Tim O’Connor
Omnicom Management Services
Rachel and Shawn Orme
Laurie and Todd Platt
Gail and Bill Plummer
Meredith and Mark Plunkett
Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Potter
Cindy and Howard Rachofsky
Marcia and Bill Rafkin
Kathleen and Christopher Ray
Marybeth and Craig Reid
John Rodgers
Dr. Randall and Barbara Rosenblatt
Abbey and Paul Rowsey
Melissa and Matt Rubel
Hernan and Sylvia Saenz
Kirsten and J. D. Sandfort
Rachel Rucker-Schmidt and Jason Schmidt
Peggy and Carl Sewell
Shag Carpet and Props
Mrs. George A. Shutt
Deacon Denis and Lady Denise Simon
Mimi and Ben Slater
Pat and Ray Smerge
SMU Lyle School of Engineering
– Seema and Marc Christensen
Gay and Bill Solomon
Southwestern Medical Foundation/UT Southwestern
Medical Center
Ann and Robert Steffler
Gayle and Paul Stoffel
Talley Associates
Jill E. Tananbaum Family
Mike and Mary Terry
Mr. Jere W. Thompson, Sr.
Robert C. and Fallon B. Vaughn
John Newt Walker
Meredith and Scott Wallace
The Gil and Dody Weaver Foundation
Marilyn and Ben Weber
Marnie and Kern Wildenthal
Brianna Wright Interiors
Sharon and Michael Young

$1,000 to $2,499

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Adams
Carolyn Wittenbraker/Arkay Foundation
Dr. Bobbie S. and Mr. David B. Baxter
Marilyn and Mike Berry
Eileen and David Birch
Kathy Bishop
Tawny Stout and John Brinkman
Monica and Brian Chacka
Marianne and Thad Chapman
Ashley and Greg Chellgren
Mr. and Mrs. George Consolver
Ernesto and Carrie Cruz
Jan and Tom Daulton
Lequita and James Davenport
Rebecca and John Delozier
Cheryl and James Drayer
Sharrie and Rick Ely
Anne and Alan Feld
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Fontana
Devarati Rastogi and David Fremerman
Jane Gherardi
Gordon and Jeanne Green
Ellen and John Grimes
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Hallam
Susie and T. Hardie
Mary and Jim Harris
Martha and Doug Hawthorne
Illuminations Fireworks
Diana and Don Kingston
Jennifer and Kevin Kirksey
Rod Lake
Dana and Chad Landry
Karen and Seth Lerner
Rachel and Isaac Leventon
Dr. and Mrs. Willis Maddrey
Mr. and Mrs. I. Bobby Majumder
Erin King and Michael Marvin
Shirley and William S. McIntyre
Caitlin and Akers Moore
Neiman Marcus
Kramer Nelson
Newman Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Nixon
Alice and Erle Nye
Ann and Dighton Packard
Carol and Daniel Podolsky
Prado Family Fund
Ms. Pamela P. and Mr. Gabriel Pugliese
Mrs. Cheryl Colmery and Mr. Jason Regas

Janet and Robert Richter
Mr. Richard L. Stevenson
Kristy Robinson
Albertsons Safeway, Inc.
Joshua Schulman
Elizabeth Solender and Gary L. Scott
Dianne Dupont and Jane Schmidt
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Shivers
Elizabeth Odstrcil and Brian Shultz
Ms. Cynthia Brinker Simmons
Mr. and Mrs. Juan-Ernesto Snead
Pamela and J. A. Spooner
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Stotland
Tara W. Lewis and John H. Swords
Dr. and Mrs. Cary Tanamachi
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Townsend
Gail and Gerald Turner
Libby and Jeff Walter
Bill and Katie Weaver Charitable Trust
Mark and Katherine Weber
Diane and George Wendel
Cammy Wynne and Del Williams
Linda and Ken Woolley


We are grateful to the following companies for making matching gifts on behalf of their employees:

American Airlines, Inc.
Bank of America
Best Buy
Goldman Sachs & Co.
Liberty Mutual
New York Life
Texas Instruments, Inc.
Wells Fargo

We compile this list with care. If your listing requires an update or is inaccurate, please contact the Perot Museum Development office. Thank you for inspiring minds through nature and science.

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