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Dive into a world on your scale. Roam, play and discover together on an adventure filled with an indoor nature hike, a pint-sized farmers market, a water play table and all the hands-on fun you can imagine. The Children’s Museum is recommended for children ages 5 and under with their adult companions.

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A young boy trying to reach some food.

Farmers Market

Head to the biggest little farmers market in town. Use your imagination as you wear the hat of a vendor, shopper or delivery person as you play and explore.

A boy and his dad looking in an exhibit window.

Nature Exploration

Make your way into the great outdoors inside our indoor Trinity River corridor. Become a junior wildlife biologist as you discover the flora and fauna with our terrarium animals, including a frog, a toad, an anole, a turtle, spiders and even a snake!

A young child smiling while looking out of a door.

Dallas Discovery

Dallas is waiting for you! Climb up, down and all around a kid-sized version of our very own city skyline.

Children's hands digging in sand to explore a discovery.

Dino Dig

Explore the outdoor dig pit inspired by real fossil digs from Big Bend. Grab a vest, scoop, shovel and rake and join our team of junior paleontologists!

Children working at a table to create some fun artwork.

Art Lab

Get hands-on with art and science! Discover the world through color and texture, explorations of nature and more.

Farmers Market

Nature Exploration

Dallas Discovery

Dino Dig

Art Lab

Children’s Museum Scavenger Hunt

  • Visit the Dino Dig outside! What can you find buried under the sand?
  • Find Reunion Tower in our mini Dallas skyline. What shape is the top?
  • Find the many live critters in this hall. Do you have a favorite animal?

What to Do Next

Get ready for big dinosaur adventures and discoveries. Head up to the T. Boone Pickens Life Then and Now Hall on Level 4 to gaze up at ancient fossils and discover all about evolution and how it works.


A view of the The gargantuan fossil skeletons of T. rex and Alamosaurus.

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