National Geographic Live


Join us for a three-part National Geographic Live Speaker Series where international explorers amaze and inspire with their breathtaking adventures, incredible discoveries, and dedication to protecting the world’s wildlife.

Events will take place in The Hoglund Foundation Theater.

Individual event – $40 ($35 members)
Complete series – $115 ($100 members)
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Rise of T. rex — Dr. Lindsay Zanno


Public presentation — Wednesday, October 2, 2024, 6:30 – 8 p.m.
Exclusive donors-only reception and presentation (invite only) — Tuesday, October 1. Please contact the Development Team at for more information.

How did T. rex become the iconic apex predator of North America 66 million years ago? Paleontologist Dr. Lindsay Zanno is uncovering the answer. Each year she spends several months on expedition, scouring the badlands of western North America in search of clues. Along the way, she has discovered many new species—including some of the earliest predecessors of T. rex. Join Lindsay for a fascinating look at how a global climate crisis during the Cretaceous changed the course of evolution for this prehistoric tyrant and its ancestors.


Lindsay Zanno headshot
Photo courtesy of Becky Hale

Cave of Bones — Lee Berger

This event has passed. 

Hosted by Lee Berger, the paleoanthropologist who, in 2008, uncovered Australopithecus sediba, an early hominid ancestor who fell into a cavernous deathtrap nearly two million years ago. The discovery helped clarify (and complicate) the origins of modern humanity. Berger is back in the headlines with an even more monumental find — a new hominid species that made tools, art, and even buried its dead. This glimpse into the past held the potential to rewrite our family tree in real-time and add to the story of our remarkable ancient ancestors. Come along with him on a journey into the Cave of Bones. National Geographic Explorer in Residence Lee Berger is known for some of the most important archaeological discoveries in history. In July 2023, Netflix premiered a documentary part of its Unknown series based on Berger’s book, Cave of Bones, in which scientists examine underground clues from over 250,000 years ago.


Lee Berger headshot
Photo courtesy of Mark Thiessen

Cosmic Adventures — Tracy Drain

This event has passed. 

Discover the marvels of our cosmic backyard through the eyes of the robotic spacecraft sent out to explore it. Aerospace engineer Tracy Drain works at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory to develop, test, and operate the complex machines that uncover some of the countless mysteries within and beyond our solar system. Join her for thrilling stories of engineering challenges and scientific discoveries from the Kepler mission and its hunt for planets beyond our solar system, a behind-the-scenes account of the Juno mission to Jupiter, and a peek into the Psyche mission to one of the largest objects in the asteroid belt. With infectious enthusiasm, she’ll shine a light on the darkness and vastness of space.


Tracy Drain headshot
Photo courtesy of Ryan Lannom

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