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Soar to the Sky

Even though dinosaurs like T. rex and Alamosaurus have faded into extinction, birds have adapted to survive. Come and explore fossil specimens, compare footprints and weigh the evidence to discover the astonishing links between prehistoric dinosaurs and modern-day birds in the Rose Hall of Birds.

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Guest playing tournament of flight game

Pilot a Red-Tailed Hawk while soaring through a breathtaking Texas canyon valley in our new bird flight experience. Try to beat the high score by flying through as many rings as possible!

Build a Bird

Birds of a feather flock together. Throughout the hall are stations where you can choose unique feathers, beaks, wings, feet and even a bird call to create your own special bird.

Attracting the ladies

Courtship for birds can be through colorful exhibitions of feathers, dances, fancy aerial demonstrations or unique bird calls. Learn the inventive and intelligent ways birds go about attracting their mates.

A Bird’s Journey

Birds were present during the time dinosaurs roamed Earth and have continued to evolve over the last 65 million years. Discover birds’ amazing journey through ages!

Tournament of Flight

Build a Bird

Attraction is Key

A Bird's Journey

Rose Hall of Birds Scavenger Hunt

  • Find the digital highlights of rare works from the renowned Edmund W. Mudge, Jr., Library of Ornithology.
  • Find the Yellow Warbler, which was collected in 1938!
  • Find the Eastern Phoebe — it comes from as far away as Weslaco, TX, at the very southern tip of the state.
Guest playing tournament of flight game

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