The Learning Never Stops

Professional Development

Professional development resources — such as workshops, online training tools, and our very own STEM Teacher Institute that equips teachers with the tools and skills to ignite student enthusiasm for science — give teachers the opportunity for career growth. Learn from Perot Museum educators and other teachers, and take your class to new heights in learning.

Museum Workshops

These workshops are designed for teachers of grades K-12 in public schools, private schools, charter schools, Montessori schools, or any other educational setting. All workshops are TEKS-aligned.


STEM Teacher Institute

The Perot Museum of Nature and Science is thrilled to offer the STEM Teacher Institute, a free, yearlong professional development experience for teachers. Institute teachers engage in a 4-day summer academy and 4 workshops through the Perot Museum during the school year. Applications are currently closed. 


Why the Institute?

With large numbers of U.S. students opting out of science classes in high school and college, our country is experiencing a STEM crisis — a lack of STEM-proficient candidates to fill critical positions in industries dependent on these skills. Two main factors are the shortage of teachers in the STEM disciplines and the lack of student engagement in STEM subjects. These issues are intimately connected, and this crisis can only be resolved through a comprehensive approach that sparks STEM excitement among teachers and students alike.
As a longtime regional leader in informal science education, the Perot Museum of Nature and Science is uniquely prepared to address these challenges by providing the resources, training, and networking support necessary for science teachers to improve their effectiveness in the classroom — empowering them to change students’ perceptions of STEM subjects and their importance to their future education and career choices.

Since 2010, the STEM Teacher Institute has equipped teachers with content, strategies, and resources to help keep science fun and exciting for their students. Today, the Institute spans grades K-12 and provides a unique professional learning experience to teachers through both in-person and digital learning options.

Institute teachers gain:

  • Deep content knowledge needed to effectively teach concepts in various science disciplines,
  • Inquiry-based pedagogical skills,
  • Hands-on experience with interactive STEM activities and innovative educational technology,
  • Collaboration and access to a network of skilled STEM educators,
  • Opportunities to build leadership skills by presenting at Institute workshops,
  • Access to resources at the Museum such as supply loans and special events, and CPE credit.

Enrollment in the Institute requires a year-long commitment by teachers to complete professional learning through an in-person learning experience or a digital learning experience.

Teachers participating in the digital STEM Teacher Institute will:

  • Complete a digital summer academy (24 hours of CPE credit) between June and July.
  • Complete a minimum of 4 workshops (24 hours of CPE credit) between September and May.
  • Participate in Institute surveys and assessments to support documentation of Institute processes and outcomes.

Teachers participating in the in-person STEM Teacher Institute will:

  • Attend the 4-day summer academy (24 hours of CPE credit) in either June or July,
  • Attend a minimum of 4 workshops (24 hours of CPE credit) between September and May, and
  • Participate in Institute surveys and assessments to support documentation of Institute processes and outcomes.