November 14, 2018

Harlem Globetrotter now featured in Perot Museum

Zeus McClurkin of the world-famous and always entertaining Harlem Globetrotters is the newest professional athlete featured in the Perot Museum's Motion Lab in the Lamar Hunt Family Sports Hall. The Motion Lab is a permanent exhibit on the Museum's Lower Level that allows visitors to throw a football, shoot a hockey puck, pirouette and now — try a basketball  trick move like a Harlem Globetrotter — all while a high-speed camera captures their every move. Guests can then see themselves in slow motion on computer screens while analyzing and comparing their moves side-by-side with those of professional athletes, including Zeus. Just last month, Zeus sank an amazing trick shot from the roof of the Perot Museum showing off a principle called the Magnus Effect, allowing him to spin a basketball on his finger and shoot a “curve ball” from nearly 200 feet up – hitting nothing but net.

Watch the amazing clip on YouTube