September 1, 2016

In the Field: Alaska

For 20 years, Perot Museum vice president of research and collections and chief curator Dr. Tony Fiorillo has escaped the Texas summer heat to head for Alaska where he’s made local and global headlines for his paleontological discoveries. He, along with Dr. Ron Tykoski who did the intricate fossil preparatory work, discovered two new dinosaur species in the last 10 years – one of which, the Nanuqsaurus hoglundiwas listed as one of the top 100 stories of 2014 by Discover Magazine. August 2016 marked the 10thanniversary of the duo’s other new species discovery, Pachyrhinosaurus perotorum. Dr. Fiorillo made two treks for In the Field: Alaska 2016; a 10-day trip to Aniakchak National Monument in southwestern Alaska and a two-week expedition to northwest Alaska near the Brooks Range.