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Origins: Fossils from the Cradle

 of Humankind

Join us on this once-and-a-lifetime experience!

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Snore and Explore

Sleepovers are the perfect opportunity for after-hours adventure. Roll up your sleeping bag and head to the Perot Museum.

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Fall Discovery Camp

Registration now open for classes taking place November 25-27!


November 23 at 8:30am

Dig deep into the field of Archaeology as you explore what things may be discovered at a dig site, navigate the stories left behind on rock art, investigate tools and methods used by archaeologists in a lab, and more!

Tickets to A Day in the Life include general admission to the rest of the Museum.

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All Ages
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Alamosaurus skeleton in the Life Then and Now Hall at the Perot Museum.

Our Gargantuan Dinosaur Fossil Skeletons

You definitely couldn't miss them anyway — these prehistoric beasts will be the first thing to greet you when you walk into the T. Boone Pickens Life Then and Now Hall


Giant purple amethyst geode in the Gems and Minerals Hall at the Perot Museum.

Crack open two tons of sparkle

Take a look inside a giant amethyst geode on our Lyda Hill Gems and Minerals Hall exhibit hall page — and in the actual hall!

Start Spelunking

Two girls running alongside a cheetah on a giant screen in the Perot Museum Sports Hall.

The Ultimate Race

Think you're faster than a T. Rex or a cheetah? What about NFL running back Jamaal Charles? Step up to the starting line in the Lamar Hunt Family Sports Hall, and get ready to run.

Ready, Set, Go!

Dinosaur bone under stand with small hands digging in the Children's Museum at the Perot Museum.

Become a Junior Paleontologist

Dig for dinos in the outdoor sand pit inspired by real fossil digs from Big Bend! Grab a vest, a scoop, a shovel, and a rake and join our team of junior paleontologists in the Moody Family Children's Museum on the Lower Level.

Start digging

Perot Museum guests watching the indoor tornado form in the Dynamic Earth Hall.

Touch a Tornado

Reach your hands inside a tornado simulator inside the Rees-Jones Foundation Dynamic Earth Hall to feel the airflows and observe the formation of these infamous and powerful storms.


Aurora Butterfly made of diamonds on display

Aurora Butterfly of Peace

Featuring 240 naturally colored diamonds arranged in the shape of a butterfly, this unique work of art not only reveals the rainbow of colors diamonds come in, but also demonstrates many of the stones’ fluorescence when it is brought to life under UV light. It took owner and curator Alan Bronstein, in partnership with Harry Rodman, 12 years to create this masterpiece. 

Photo by Robert Weldon ©GIA

Our Gargantuan Dinosaur Fossil Skeletons

Crack Open Two Tons of Sparkle

The Ultimate Race

Become a Junior Paleontologist

Touch a Tornado

See it Before it's Gone

Experience the Museum

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