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Get Moving!

Put your athletic prowess to the test and understand the physical and mental demands it takes to become a great athlete. Inside the Sports Hall, you’ll discover that every field, court, track and gym is a hands-on science lab. Get into the action by throwing a football, shooting a hockey puck, turning cartwheels and more — while a high-speed camera captures it all for you to analyze when you’re done.

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Two people running a race against a cheetah.

Test Your Speed

Think you’re faster than a T. rex or a cheetah? What about NFL quarterback Patrick Mahomes? Step up to the starting line and get ready to race.

A young girl trying to beat the game with her hands.

Think Fast

Did you know you have slow-twitch and fast-twitch muscle fibers? Put your fast-twitch muscles to the test in the Reaction Time exhibit and see if you can beat the high score.

A young girl learning about exercise, diet, and training habits.

Reach Peak Condition

Start your journey to professional athlete. Learn the exercise, diet and training habits of athletes and how you can apply the same techniques to your own lifestyle.

A young man shoots a basketball.

Train Like an Athlete

Discover how small changes in technique can boost your performance. Head to the Motion Lab and watch your moves in slow motion to learn how to perfect your technique.

Test Your Speed

Think Fast

Reach Peak Condition

Train Like an Athlete

Sports Hall Scavenger Hunt

  • Check out the autographs from local athletes on the squares of the Motion Lab’s back wall.
  • Find an authentic FC Dallas jersey and soccer ball autographed by the team’s players.
  • Race on the Speed Wall – you know you want to try it!

What to Do Next

Kids five and under — don’t miss your opportunity to use scoops, shovels and rakes to discover replica fossils in our shaded outdoor dig area. Head to the Moody Family Children’s Museum and get digging!


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