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Brain Juice Focus



It’s all about YOU

The story of YOU begins with your ancestors; it travels through your DNA; it is held in your hands; it moves as you walk; it is heard through your voice; it is written in your brain.

We are thrilled to reveal our first completely transformed exhibit hall since opening five years ago. With twice as many interactive displays, and innovative content and experiments, you’ll be transported through the human journey as you explore the traits and abilities that are essential and unique to being human.

Discover the individual quirks and traits that make you, uniquely YOU.

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Wall leading into experiment lab with human body slices on the entrance wall.

Grab your lab coat!

Use bone models and rocks to solve an anthropology mystery, explore wheat DNA under a microscope, examine electricity within a living worm, and more! Drop in the BioLab, presented by Children’s Health℠.

Wall with hand-made wire faces and wooden masks.

New spin on a selfie

Step up to the mirror and try creating a wire-frame self portrait.

Human brain and stem in cylinder with purple lighting.

My brain

Take a quick peek or stand in awe of a human brain and stem up close.

Microphone in focus with colorful album covers blurry in the background.

Make harmonies

Your voice can convey complex thoughts and emotions. Grab two friends and step up to the mic. As you sing an interactive voice visualizer lets you “see” your voices in shape, color, and size on a giant screen!

Wall with

Feel the inspiration

Get to know why Dallas is considered a leader in biomedical research as you get to know the stories of five Nobel Prize winners from the region.

Status of a ballerina spinning on one foot with a digital projection of three human body outlines standing with their feet together and their hands in a

Strike a pose

Challenge your friends to see who has the best balance or who can most accurately replicate poses as you follow the guide of a digital projection.

Grab your lab coat!

New spin on a selfie

My brain

Make harmonies

Feel the inspiration

Strike a pose

What to do next

The human body is capable of incredible feats. After you explore it through the lens of what makes us each different, head to the Lamar Hunt Sports Hall and see how you stack up against your favorite athletes. Can you pass a football better than the legendary Roger Staubach, head a soccer ball with more precision than Abby Wambach, or perform a pirouette with more grace than Amber Merrick?

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