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Program the future

Texas Instruments

Engineering and Innovation Hall

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All Ages


Level 2

Brain Juice Focus



Hall Closed Through November 12

The Texas Instruments Engineering and Innovation Hall will be closed to the public September 6-November 12 for renovations. To keep true to our vision of keeping Museum content fresh and evolving, we are creating new and enhanced interactive and engineering-focused experiences to be engaging and enjoyable for all. Keeping our approach fresh, you will have something new to see and do every time you visit!

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Boys looking toward their robot race track.

Tag! You're it!

Challenge your friends in the robot arena where you’ll race through a maze, pick up objects, or go head to head with other robots.

A young girl creating music.

Make a melody

Be a musician without ever touching a musical instrument! In the MIDI Sound Lab, you'll control electric and acoustic instruments from a computer.


A young boy building a skyscraper in the display.

Build a truss or a skyscraper

Explore how factors like strength, tension, compression, frequency, and drag can affect the integrity of a structure. How much weight can your bridge hold? Will your skyscraper fall to the ground or withstand a simulated earthquake?

A young girl engages with the spinning wheel.

Feel the power of 1,000 bulbs in the palm of your hand

Become an engineer as you write a computer program to control light. Design an image, then spin a wheel to instruct lines of tiny light to fire in sequence and show off your artwork.

A young boy engages with his track creation.

Make a reaction

Create a chain reaction with various machines, tracks, and wooden blocks.

Tag! You're it!

Make a melody

Build a truss or a skyscraper

Feel the power of 1,000 bulbs in the palm of your hand

Make a reaction


Make your dreams come to life

Become an engineer as you uncover how math and science are used to solve everyday problems. Along the way, you’ll gain an understanding of how these two disciplines are the connection between bridges and robots. Engineers specialize in many different areas, from architectural and mechanical to electrical and software engineering. Come and build a better building, program movements in our 3D animation lab — even design and build a robot to race through a maze, pick up objects, or go head to head with other robots!

Energy Hall Scavenger Hunt

  • Try your hand at designing and controlling a robot in our popular robot arena
  • Participate in science trivia and other drop-in activities at our ever-changing Activity Station
An interior view of the museum display floor.

What to do next

Visit the completely transformed Being Human Hall next door. With twice as many interactive displays, and innovative content and experiments, you'll be transported through the human journey as you explore the traits and abilities that are essential and unique to being human.

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