Texas Instruments Engineering and Innovation Hall announcement

Naming of and plans are unveiled for the Texas Instruments Engineering and Innovation Hall in honor of a $4.4 million donation from the Texas Instruments Foundation.

Kid-created robotics, Rube-Goldberg-inspired mousetrap contraptions, whirling LED mechanisms and do-it-yourself bridge construction greeted guests as they arrived at the Perot Museum of Nature & Science news conference on May 10, 2011. All helped set the tone for an announcement that proved both hair-raising and full of light-bulb moments.

Gathered atop the Park Seventeen office tower overlooking the bustling construction site, the crowd of 150-plus responded enthusiastically to the news naming the Texas Instruments Engineering and Innovation Hall as part of the new Perot Museum of Nature & Science.

The recognition resulted from the $4.4-million gift - as well as the decades-long volunteer and financial support - provided by the Texas Instruments Foundation and the corporation and its employees.

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