Moody Foundation Gives $6 Million Grant

Moody $6 million grant pushes the Perot Museum over the $185 million goal.

November 17, 2011 was a red-letter, once-in-a-lifetime day for the Museum of Nature & Science as well as for the future Perot Museum of Nature & Science!  The morning began with front-page headlines in The Dallas Morning News proclaiming “Perot Museum reaches fund goal” accompanied by a gorgeous full-color, nearly half-page photo of the Perot Museum plaza under construction (the photo was not just above the fold but directly under the mast head!)  But that wasn’t all.  The front page of the DMN Metro section was dominated by a comprehensive story from veteran reporter David Flick accompanied by two colorful building photos and an artist rendering of the Alamosaurus

Museum CEO Nicole G. Small and Perot Museum Expansion Campaign Chairman Forrest Hoglund kicked off the event with the exciting news that The Moody Foundation had given $6-million to fund the Moody Family Children’s Museum and the multi-purpose gathering spot in the education wing to be named the Robert and Ann Moody Forum in the new Perot Museum. Then, led by a dramatic drum roll, Forrest Hoglund announced to the crowd that the Moody’s $6 million donation had helped the Perot Museum funding campaign to surpass the $185 million goal to build the Perot! The crowd broke into applause and cheers, the band played Kool & the Gang’s Celebrate Good Times, emerging “balloon creatures” danced about and caught guests by surprise, cannons spewed biodegradable confetti, glasses of champagne were passed, and Forrest Hoglund led the crowd in a celebratory toast! 

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