Meet The Whynauts

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Meet The Whynauts!

A virtual STEM education series generously brought to you by
Perot Foundation
The Lamar Hunt Family

The Whynauts are here and la aventura te espera / adventure awaits!

Bring the wonders of the Perot Museum to your classroom or home
through a new, interactive educational series. Join in this bilingual learning experience with tres amigos / three friends on a mission to learn as much as possible by asking questions, making connections, and divirtiéndose / having fun!
Over 55,000 students registered for the pilot episode, and several districts have incorporated The Whynauts into their curriculum!

Episode 1 - Paleontology
Episode 2 - The Human Body
Episode 3 - Staying Alive
Episode 4 - Plate Tectonics
Episode 5 - Engineer It

Check out the Pilot Episode: Amazing Adaptations here.
5 more episodes are in the works!
Interested in getting involved in a future episode? Reach out to Ashley Chellgren, Senior Director, Development.

An amazing free virtual program in a crazy academic year with no field trips!

–North Texas Teacher

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For Educators

  • Sign up to get complimentary access to 10 episodes of The Whynauts through the 2021-2022 school year! This free, virtual video experience allows students to follow along with The Whynauts, as they learn and explore science topics, including ecosystems, dinosaurs, and meteorology. 
  • Each episode includes standards-aligned curriculum, educator resources, and is bilingual — all delivered straight to your inbox. Support your in-class and virtual learners with these fun supplemental activities. Use this as a resource for science learning, cross-curricular engagement, STAAR review, summer enrichment, and preparation for the fall!
  • Across 10 episodes, students in grades K-8 learn alongside The Whynauts, discovering and developing deep knowledge about the topics teachers cover in their classrooms. These in-depth videos, educator guides, and student activities bring STEM to life— igniting a spark of joy amid current learning loss due to COVID-19.
  • The Whynauts link what’s happening in classrooms to TEKS, while creating connections to our community — whether that is how to predict tomorrow’s weather or knowing what dinosaurs lived in Dallas more than 100 million years ago.


Interested in more ways for your students to engage with the Perot Museum?

The educator guide is super comprehensive. I am so impressed and have asked our K-5 cadre to include The Whynauts in their curriculum. We are eager for more!

- Elementary Science Coordinator

For Parents

  • Sign up to get complimentary access to 10 episodes of The Whynauts! This free, virtual video experience allows children to explore fun science topics outside of school, including ecosystems, dinosaurs, and outer space.
  • Research shows the power of inquiry-based learning, which allows students to explore and question the world around them.
  • Sign up to watch today and get complimentary access to a 10-episode season through the end of next school year! Children and adults alike will be engaged by these episodes and the fun activities that will teach and entertain for hours. This is all accessible in English and Spanish.

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I thought it was a smooth delivery of the content via both languages. It makes the content more inclusive for more students, and it was a positive introduction to Spanish for my daughter.

- Dallas Parent

Missing field trips and museum visits?

Like a virtual museum tour, but better. Join The Whynauts on adventures inside the Perot Museum — and across Texas!

The Whynauts Series

  • This high-quality series will engage, teach, and entertain kids of all ages — in English and Spanish.
  • Each episode is short and interactive.
  • Videos include standards-aligned educator resources with lesson guides and activities — great for parents, too!
  • Look out for more episodes to be released this summer!
  • Your feedback will help shape the rest of the series. Watch an episode, then take a short survey to let us know how we can make the videos and educational resources even better for your kids!


Episode 1 - Paleontology
Ideal for grades 3-5
Follow along with The Whynauts as they discover fossils, experience Earth’s changing
el medio ambientes / environments and explore the Perot Museum’s T. Boone Pickens Life Then and Now Hall with a real Paleontologist!

Episode 2 - The Human Body
Ideal for grades 6-8
Jump in with The Whynauts as they immerse themselves in the Perot Museum’s Being Human Hall and learn all about the internal structures of organisms and see just how incredible the human body really is.

Episode 3 - Staying Alive 
Ideal for grades K-2
Join the Whynauts as they learn all about the basic needs of living things. Follow along as they visit the Dallas Zoo to understand how living and nonliving things are connected through interdependence / interdependencia.

Episode 4 - Plate Tectonics
Ideal for grades 6-8
In this episode, The Whynauts learn about the theory of plate tectonics / teoria de las placastectonicas and why the surface of the earth never stops changing.

Episode 5 - Engineer It
Ideal for grades 3-5
Create and iterate with The Whynauts as they use the Engineering Design Process to solve a problem with an engineer/diseñar from Texas Instruments.

I loved the Spanish to English dialogue – it’s more than just a translator.

- North Texas Teacher

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Register today and watch later. Perfect for review & reteach sessions, afternoon activities, or any time of the week when you want to have fun learning about science!

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 If you have questions about this new program, please contact Ashley Chellgren, Senior Director,  Development, via email at

Thank you to our generous sponsors for making this series possible. 

Series brought to you by
Perot Foundation
The Lamar Hunt Family


The Perot Museum partnered with Groove Jones to direct, script, and produce the series. 

Strategic Advisors: 

Cara Mía Theatre 
Seeds 2 STEM
Teach For America Dallas - Fort Worth
Texas Instruments
United to Learn
Uplift Education

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