Amaze Your Brain at Home: Weather and Nature

Burn some energy with activities that are sure to have your heart and scientific mind racing! Find out how you can optimize your spin speed like a figure skater, practice balancing on your toes like a ballerina, or find out what keeps your heart pumping.

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I Heart Science

Get your blood pumping as you explore one of the most important muscles in your body - the heart! Explore the structures of a real sheep heart to better understand the anatomy of how your heart keeps pumping.


What's My Rate

Your heart is a very hard worker beating several thousand times every hour each day! Get pumped up and see how activities like jumping jacks and meditation affect your heart rate.


Family Field Day

Put on your game face and prepare yourself for some field day fun! Grab a family member or a friend for a pillowcase race, an egg toss, and other athletic challenges.

Your little one can also join in on the excitement with a DIY obstacle course!

Amazing Dogs

Let’s learn more about our cute canines! Watch as a Museum educator shows you how to compare your dog’s jump to other pups, put your pet’s nose to a sniff test, and find out what colors they can actually see. Download the activity guide to challenge your own dog!


How Ballerina's Balance

Have you ever wondered how dancers can stand on their toes? Listen to a Museum educator to find out the science behind balancing and discover your own center of mass!


Balance It Out

Did you know that your ear is involved with more than just hearing? Test out these simple activities to discover the effects on your body and dive into physiology with the vestibular system and the semicircular canals.


Sport Science Trivia

Put your knowledge to the test! Enjoy sports science facts and puzzling trivia questions related to baseball, tennis, running, and hockey. You’ll also learn about athletes, anatomy, physics, records, and more.

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Spinning Under Control

Explore how athletes, like figure skaters, keep their spinning under control while changing their shape and speed. Check out the PDF with step-by-step instructions on how to optimize your spin speed! 


Pitch Perfect

Explore the biomechanics of pitching, from your fingers and position of the ball, to whether or not the stride step and length of the stride affects the speed of the pitch! Grab your baseball glove and see if you’re a future MLB pitcher in the making.


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