Amaze Your Brain at Home!

Have no fear, the Museum is still here! Amaze Your Brain at Home and watch your favorite concepts from the Museum come to life. Join us as we share fun ways to explore nature and science at home and in your backyard - all while using the most common household objects and supplies.


Make sure your rocket is filled up with fuel and prepare to travel the universe! Go on an adventure and explore astrobiology, learn about the Doppler Effect, and discover how constellations and ancient cultures are connected.


sports science

Get moving with science and jump into activities that highlight the incredible human body! Discover your own center of mass, get pumped up to find your heart rate, and put your hard-working brain to use for puzzling trivia questions.

EXPLORE Sports Science

Earth Science & sustainability

Become an environmentalist and help protect our planet! Search through our green activities and discover decomposers in nature, enjoy stories about keeping Earth clean, and learn how to form homemade compost.

EXPLORE Earth Science & Sustainability


It’s time for prehistoric adventures! Take a journey to the age of dinosaurs and craft your own fossils, meet real-life paleontologists, and search for ancient bones in your own dig site.


Weather AND Nature

Prepare to enjoy and observe the great outdoors when you hunt for bugs in your backyard, get acquainted with butterfly mimicry, and build your own barometer!

EXPLORE Weather & Nature


Check out our videos and at-home activities and learn how to engineer an electrical circuit, sing-a-long with your toddler about gravity, design a hovercraft using common household items, and much more!


At Home Activities

Best for Grades 3+
Winter on Mars

Best for Grades 5+
Ice Albedo Activity

Best for Grades 8+
DIY Barometer

More fun to come!

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