Mars Perseverance Rover

Mission Mars: Perseverance Rover

Mission Mars: Perseverance Rover

On display March 8 – September 2, 2024
Lower Level Auditorium

While NASA’s Perseverance rover is hard at work exploring Mars hundreds of millions of miles from Earth, its “twin” model will be on display here at the Perot Museum! As part of the Mars 2020 mission, the Perseverance rover is seeking signs of possible ancient microbial life and collecting samples of rock.

Enjoy a close-up look at a detailed model of the Perseverance rover and its groundbreaking companion, the Ingenuity Mars Helicopter, alongside the innovative Mars Ascent Vehicle, designed to collect and store samples for potential return to Earth. The exhibit will also feature digital displays showcasing the latest videos and images from this extraordinary ongoing mission.

Mission Mars: Perseverance Rover is included with your general admission ticket through September 2, 2024. Come and see it before it wanders away!

Photo of Perseverance rover on display at Perot Museum

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