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Tom Hunt

Energy Hall

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Venture deep into the past, present, and future of energy!

Each time you take a ride in a car, flip a light switch, or take a hot shower, you’re seeing energy in action. Come dive into the possibilities of energy and learn how we harness natural resources like oil, natural gas, and alternative energies. Experience what it’s like to turn the valves of a full-size wellhead, or use 3D technologies to map likely underground energy deposits. You’ll even have the chance to explore a drilling rig from the inside out as you take a virtual trip deep underground.

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The inside view of the museum display.

Take a ride deep into the Earth


Shrink down to the size of a golf ball and travel 6,500 feet into Earth’s crust to explore a Barnett Shale drilling rig from the inside out.

A view of the roadster museum display.

Get up close with a modern-day roadster


Discover how modern off-road race cars are built with combustion engines, hydrogen fuel cells, electricity, and more.

A young girl engages with the museum display.

Feel the magnetic pull


Manipulate ring magnets of a tokamak and observe their effect on a stream of plasma.

A few adults engage with a museum display.

Explore the reservoir


Feeling lucky? See if you can pick out the most productive oil well. Maybe you’ll strike it rich or maybe you’ll lose your shirt.

Take a ride deep into the Earth

Get up close with a modern-day roadster

Feel the magnetic pull

Explore the reservoir

Energy Hall Scavenger Hunt

  • Find the gigantic drill bit — it’s 10 times the size of a real one!
  • Follow the story of energy — from its formation to its future.
  • See if you can find out how much electricity the Perot Museum has used today.

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Collectors prize minerals for their beautiful natural crystals. Those in the oil and natural gas industry know some of the same minerals for other reasons. Discover the aesthetic side of minerals in the Lyda Hill Gems and Minerals Hall.

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