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Dynamic Earth Hall

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Gaze into the eye of the storm, feel the ground quake beneath your feet, and take in a nearly fully articulated mammoth fossil unearthed right here in Texas. Earth, air, and water interact in ways that produce powerful results. Check out real footage from Texas weather events, get hands-on in immersive exhibits, and explore engaging multimedia stations that will help you discover how — and why — the land and climate on planet Earth are constantly changing.

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Two dads and their sons stand on the Earthquake display.

Earthquake Shake

Step on board and feel the power of plate tectonics as the ground quakes beneath your feet.

Skeleton remains found in North Texas.

Ellie May the mammoth

Get up close and personal with a Columbian Mammoth discovered right here in Texas, whose skeleton offers clues into the past of North Texas.

Two patrons looking over the tornado simulator.

Touch a tornado

Reach your hands inside a tornado simulator to feel the airflows and observe the formation of these infamous and powerful storms.

Two young women look learn how clouds are made.

Reach the clouds with your feet still on the ground

Interact with steps of the water cycle — evaporation, condensation, precipitation, and collection.

Young girl pretends to be a meteorologist in front of a green screen.

Become a meteorologist

Step in front of the camera as you become a meteorologist and deliver an engaging weather report.

Earthquake Shake

Ellie May the mammoth

Touch a tornado

Reach the clouds with your feet still on the ground

Become a meteorologist

Dynamic Earth Hall Scavenger Hunt

  • Make your own prediction about the weather using radar weather data — then check to see if your prediction was right!
  • Check out Ellie May, our nearly fully articulated mammoth excavated by Museum paleontologists. Because her bones were too badly damaged by the excavation equipment, Ellie May is mounted upside down from the original position she was found.
  • Find and touch water in its three forms — solid, liquid, and gas!

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