Becoming Jane

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A highly interactive journey through the life and career of a science and conservation champion.

“Becoming Jane: The Evolution of Dr. Jane Goodall” is a highly engaging exhibition that allows guests to experience the remarkable story of a true STEM pioneer. From childhood adventures in England to her revolutionary work in Tanzania, Dr. Goodall forged a path never traveled before, and her groundbreaking contributions from studying animals in the wild changed the scienceworld forever. This incredible exhibit showcases her adventurous and awe-inspiring life through an immersive projection experience of Tanzania’s Gombe National Park, a hologram projection of Dr. Goodall narrating her impactful story, a replica of her research tent in Africa and so much more.

Meet Jane Goodall

A childhood fascination for examining nature led Dr. Goodall to a career studying the lives of chimpanzees in the wild. Rather than seeing the animals as subjects, Dr. Goodall came to regard them as individuals with personalities and emotions—a notion once rejected by the scientific world, but now considered groundbreaking. Today, her work continues to guide the next generation of scientists and researchers and has expanded to advocacy for the conservation of the environment and animals across the globe.

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Organized and traveled by the National Geographic Society in partnership with the Jane Goodall Institute.