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Adapt to survive

Discovering Life Hall

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No hiking shoes needed!

Get ready for an indoor nature walk — where everything from single-cell organisms to complete ecosystems will open your mind to the power and potential of living things. You'll discover fossils, taxidermy specimens, 3D animations, and interactive games that demonstrate how factors like genetics and environment are shaping the next generation of plants, animals — and even bacteria!

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Use your senses!

Observe the sights, sounds, textures, and smells of three different Texas ecoregions — the Pineywoods, Blackland Prairie, and Chihuahuan Desert.

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Origins and Adaptations

What is life, and how do species adapt over time? Put it all in perspective as you uncover the facts through insights from scientists who are making breakthroughs in cellular research, and explore theories through an interactive digital book about the origins of life. 

Some young children engage with an environmental display.

Explore environmental factors

Explore how factors like pollution or climate change could lead to adaptation or extinction.

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Uncover the world beneath your feet

Immerse yourself in the Pineywoods ecoregion when you crawl under a diorama to explore all that lies beneath the surface.

Use your senses!

Origins and Adaptations

Explore environmental factors

Uncover the world beneath your feet

Discovering Life Hall Scavenger Hunt

  • Find the rattlesnake and look closely: one of its fangs is made of clear epoxy!
  • Find the melanistic Leopard (burgundy-colored) — it's from India.
  • Take the stairs down from Level 3 to get the best view of the Black-Maned Lion from Tanzania.
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What to do next

Take what you've learned about cells and get up close and personal with them inside the Bio Lab of the Being Human Hall. Become a scientist when you perform a DNA extraction, examine your very own cheek cells, or test which household chemicals kill microbes.

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