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Our Thanks

Through the generosity of the many individuals, families, and companies who have a commitment to education in the sciences, the Perot Museum is able to inspire lifelong learners and the visionaries of tomorrow.

The Perot Family

The foundation for the Perot Museum was created through a passion for education, a vision for the future, and the tremendous generosity of the Perot family.

In May 2008, the five Perot children donated $50 million to the fundraising campaign to build the new Victory Park location of the Museum of Nature & Science in Dallas in honor of their parents, Margot and Ross Perot. With the opening of the new facility in December 2012, the location was named in the family's honor.

It is so compelling to hear how many great researchers, scientists, engineers, doctors, and educators first became interested in their chosen fields as a result of visiting a great museum of science or natural history. It is our hope that this Museum can be an inspiration to the next generation of pioneers, discoverers and visionaries.

Nancy Perot Mulford

The adult children had been searching for a way to honor their parents who had given so much to both them and the city of Dallas. When the Museum opportunity came along, the children said it felt perfect. Their parents' lifelong passion has always been education, particularly in the sciences. Mr. Perot's hope was for the Museum to inspire a new generation of engineers and scientists. "This will get them to dream," he said. "In our country, you can dream the dream and make the dream come true." He said he was "honored that my children and grandchildren wanted to do this. And I hope it will inspire young people to reach for the stars, as I was able to do."


In November 2011 the Museum announced that it had triumphantly surpassed its $185 million expansion campaign goal. These funds supported the land acquisition, exhibition planning, design, and construction of the new Perot Museum of Nature and Science building, education programs, and the Campaign for Excellence.

The Museum gratefully acknowledges the extraordinary generosity of these donors.

Major Donors


We are more than just a museum; we are a place to inspire the next generation of game changers. Your financial support through annual memberships and financial gifts directly goes toward our pursuit of excellence in exhibits, education, and research that directly impacts our mission of inspiring minds though nature and science. Thank you for helping us educate the leaders of tomorrow.

Annual Fund Donors

Your yearly membership and unrestricted gifts play a critical role in the Museum’s annual operations by supporting our pursuit of excellence in exhibitions, education and research. These gifts go directly to helping the Museum achieve its mission of inspiring minds though nature and science. Who knows, your gift could help give the next generation of scientists, technologist, engineers, or mathematicians the inspiration they need to change the world!


$100,000 AND ABOVE

American Airlines: Official Airline of the Perot Museum

City of Dallas, Office of Cultural Affairs


Harry W. Bass, Jr. Foundation

Highland Capital Management

Lyda Hill

Lyda Hill Foundation

Sally and Forrest Hoglund

Kosmos Energy, LLC

The Moody Foundation

Margot and Ross Perot

Texas Instruments

United Way

Vinson & Elkins LLP 

$50,000 TO $99,999

Bank of America

Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.

Charter Communications

Communities Foundation of Texas

ExxonMobil Corporation

Al G. Hill, Jr.

The Hoglund Foundation

Ms. Nancy Perot and Mr. Rod Jones

Lockheed Martin

Pat and Gill Clements Foundation

Carolyn and Karl Rathjen

Katherine Perot Reeves and Eric Reeves

Deedie and Rusty Rose

Samsung Mobile

Stephen M. Seay Foundation

$25,000 TO $49,999

Alliance Data Systems


Balfour Beatty Construction

Nancy and Randy Best

The Catholic Foundation


David M. Crowley Foundation

Fidelity Charitable

Haynes and Boone, LLP

Nancy Ann and Ray L. Hunt


Suzanne and Patrick McGee

The Mudge Foundation

The Sarah and Ross Perot, Jr. Foundation

Katherine and Michael Phillips

Primrose Schools

The Rees-Jones Foundation

Riveron Consulting, LP

Catherine and Will Rose

TXU Energy

$10,000 TO $24,999

M&A Brown Family Foundation

Brown-Forman Corporation

Nancy and Clint Carlson

Kathryn H. Gilman and Alfred G. Gilman

Cathey and Don Humphrey's

Hunt Consolidated, Inc.

Rusty and John Jaggers

Junior League of Dallas, Inc.

Rockwell Collins

Debbie and Ric Scripps

USI Southwest

Sharon and Kip Tindell

Baker Botts L.L.P. 

Philip Theodore Bee Charitable Trust



The Hal and Diane Brierley Foundation

CFP Foundation

Children's Health

Catherine A. Corrigan

Maura and Tim Costello

Mary Anne Cree

Pilar and Lew Davies

HEB/Central Market

The Alinda Hill Wikert Foundation

Carol and John Levy

Ms. Caroline Rose Hunt

IBM Corporation

Gene and Jerry Jones


Carol and John Levy




Tom and Charlene Marsh Family Foundation

Libby and Murray McCabe

David B. Miller Family Foundation

The M.O.B. Family Foundation

The Rosewood Corporation

Ruff Family Foundation Fund of Communities Foundation of Texas

Schwab Charitable

Jennifer and Andy Scripps

Gail and James Spann

Trott Family Foundation

Jean and Tom Walter

Wichita Falls Area Community Foundation

$5,000 TO $9,999

Susie and John Adams

Peggy and Richard Allison

Jennifer and Peter Altabef

Bain & Company, Inc.

Carolyn and Steven Blasnik

Cecilia and Garrett Boone

Diane and Hal Brierley


Kate and Lane Britain

Lucy and Michael Brittan

Cabana Lifestyle LP

Cisco Systems, Inc.

William Clark

Kelly Compton

Virginia and Ansel Condray

Millie and Ken Cooper

Corrigan Investments, Inc.

KA and L.L. Cotter

Audra and Joshua Curlett

Dallas Bar Association

Dallas Jewish Community Foundation

Dallas Safari Club

Ms. Anne Davidson

Peggy Dear

Kelly and Scott Drablos

Betsy and Richard Eiseman, Jr.

Melissa and Trevor Fetter Family Fund of the Dallas Foundation


Fidelity Investments

Amy and Lee Fikes

Jane and Ron Gard

Marena and Roger Gault


Judith and James Gibbs

Margaret and Doyle Hartman

Harry S. Moss Foundation

Carol and Jeff Heller

Hillwood Urban

Ms. Marguerite K. Hoffman

Husch Blackwell, LLP

Janet and Chuck Jarvie

Ashley and C. Elliott Jeter

Brenda Kidd

Lisa and Peter Kraus


Sheryl and Richard Latham

Allyson and Hays Lindsley

Locke Lord LLP

The Eugene McDermott Foundation

Mecca Design & Production


Morphosis Architects

National Philanthropic Trust

Neiman Marcus




Katherine and Robert Penn

Perkins-Prothro Foundation

Gail and Bill Plummer

PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

Vin and Caren Prothro Foundation

Cindy and Howard Rachofsky

Radiology Associates of North Texas

Redlee/SCS, Inc.

Lisa and John Rocchio

Diane and John Scovell

Ruth C. and Charles S. Sharp Foundation, Inc.

Nicole and Justin Small

Mr. and Mrs. William T. Solomon

Elisa and Stephen Summers

Summit Transportation, Inc.

Tenet Healthcare Corporation

Mary and Mike Terry

Texas Tuition Promise Fund

Judith and Daniel Tobey


Vaughn O. Vennerberg II

Gretchen and Michael M. Vick

Merry and Chad Vose

Westwood Holdings Group, Inc.

Angela Wommack and Ted Casey

Williams Family Foundation

$2,500 TO $4,999


Marcia and Robert Ackerman


Dia and Kelvin Baggett

The Baldridge Foundation

Bank of Texas

Carolyn and Ken Barth

BBVA Compass Bank

Simona Beal

Charles N. Bell, Catherine E. Bracken and Barbara A. Bell

Ben E. Keith Company

Marilyn and Mike Berry

Sheila and David Beuerlein

Sam and Sarah Bloom


Zoe and David Bonnette

The Boone Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Briggs

Burns & Mcdonnell Foundation

Kay and Elliot Cattarulla

Toosje and Richard G. Fagin

Chatham Hill Investment Partnership

Kathy and James M. Clark

Cobb Martinez Woodward PLLC

Mary McDermott Cook

Marilyn R. Corrigan

Erin Nealy Cox and Trey Cox

Kathy and Harlan Crow

Linda and Bill Custard

Nancy M. Dedman

Michael Delehant

Charron and Peter Denker

Angela Downes

Cheryl and James Drayer

Jennifer and John Eagle

Karan and Tracy D. Edgemon

The Aaron and Catie Enrico Family Foundation

Sandra and Henry Estess


Courtney and Michael Flanagan

Rebecca and F. Barron Fletcher

Fluor Corporation

Mrs. Jacqueline Fojtasek

Julie M. Ford

Devarati Rastogi and David Fremerman

Kay and Duncan Fulton


Kathleen and Robert Gibson

Jenney and J. David Gillikin

Michelle and Michael Ginnard

Stephen F. Goldmann

Robyn and Andrew Gould

Sheila and Joseph M. Grant

Graue Family Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey C. Greenberg



Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Haggerty

Dr. and Mrs. John M. Haley

Michelle and Houston Hall

Winborne and Davis Hamlin

Candace Rubin and Sands Harris

Linda and Milledge Hart

Martha and Doug Hawthorne

Cindy Thomas and Bert Headden

Heritage Auctions

Renee and Kris Herrin

Julie and Ken Hersh

Amy and Michael Hester

Margaret and Bradford Hirsch

Ann and Lee Hobson

The Hockaday School

Marla and Mark Hughston

Laree Hulshoff and Ben Fischer

Suzanne and Walt Humann

Susan L. and James W. Hunt

Nancy and Herbert Hunt

Gwen and Richard Irwin

Isaac I. Foundation Inc.

Melinda and Jim Johnson

Jennifer and Tom Karol

Karen and Alan Katz

Susan and Mark Kiker

Eugenia and Frank-Paul King

Kline Family Foundation

Rhonda and Charles Koetting

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory S. Koonsman

The Lamplighter School

Muffin and John Lemak

Luther King Capital Management

Holly and Tom Mayer

Mrs. Eugene Mcdermott

Cassie and Mac McFarland

Steven L. McKnight

Shawn E. McNaughton

Elaine and Kenneth Mecca

Mercury Communication Services, Inc./Greg and Amy Osler

Merrill Lynch

Cynthia and Forrest Miller

Virginia and Ben Mimmack

Janet and John Mockovciak

Lark and J.C. Montgomery

Cecilia and John Morgan

Ms. Ruth Mutch

Navias Family Foundation

NFI, Inc.

Alice and Erle Nye

Mr. and Mrs. Peter O'Donnell, Jr.

Alice and Erle Nye

Mr. and Mrs. Peter O'Donnell, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. John A. O'Dwyer

Omnicom Management Services


 Page Southerland Page, Inc.

Rajan Patel

Laurie and Todd Platt

Laurie and Todd Platt Family Charitable Foundation

Meredith and Mark Plunkett


Barbara and Stan Rabin

Kathleen and Christopher Ray

Jennie and Stuart Reeves

Marybeth and Craig Reid

Amanda C. Dake and Christopher Rowley

Rowling Foundation

Lisa and John Runyon

Hernan Saenz and Sylvia Cespedes

Lyle and John Scovell

Ginny and Conner Searcy

Peggy and Carl Sewell

Maile and Charles Shea

Showalter Family Fund of the Dallas Foundation

George A. & Nancy Shutt Foundation

Deacon Denis and Lady Denise Simon

Camille and Earl Simpkins

Abigail and Andrew Sinwell

Pat and Ray Smerge

Judy and Neil Smiley

Southern Methodist University

Southwestern Medical Foundation/UT Southwestern

St. Mark's School of Texas

Ann and Robert Steffler

Gayle and Paul Stoffel

Greg Swalwell and Terry Connor

Carolyn and Jere Thompson

Jere W. Thompson, Sr.

Thompson & Knight LLP

Tonti Properties

Turner Construction Company

Turningpoint Foundation


USA Plastic Surgery

Fallon and Robert Vaughn

Ms. Colleen A. Walker and Mr. Felipe Gumucio

Ms. Fay Clark Walker

John Newt Walker

Garry Weber

Marnie and Kern Wildenthal

Winstead PC

Ms. Henrietta Wright and Mr. Edward Stead

Mr. and Mrs. Larry D. Young

Sharon and Michael Young

Angela and Luis Zambrano

Zhulong Gallery

$1,000 TO $2,499

Stacey and Charles Angel

Laurie and Michael Arnold

Michael Assaad

Sue and Christopher Bancroft

Eileen and David Birch

Kathy and Gene Bishop

Colleen and Peter Bowler

Keri and Michael Brookshire

Tanya Bubash and Phillip Salonia

Betsy and Jeffrey Bunch

Cindy and Tom Cabe

Gay and Jim Caldwell

Shannon Callewart

Christina and Joseph Cavalier

Christ School

Andrea and George Conklin

Peggy and George Consolver

Michael Cook

Carol A. Crowe

Dallas ISD

Robbie and Art Daniel

Sherri and Alan Darver

Cammy and Holmes Davis

Melanie Kaihani-Davis and Chris Davis

Rusty and William Duvall

Sharrie and Rick Ely

Rosemary and Roger Enrico

Heather and Bill Esping

Heather and William Fahle

Anne and Alan Feld

Diane and Robert Frank

Traci and Geoffrey Funk

Stephanie and Ted Gould

Carolyn and Loren Greaves

Jeanne and Gordon Green

Ellen and John Grimes

Lauren and Ryan Grogman


Susan and Thornton Hardie

Elizabeth and Louis Harman

Ida and Edwin Hassler

Julie and Ed Hawes

Suzanne Henry and James Hale

Maricarmen Herrera and Toby Toudouze

Robert M. Hough

Bonnie and Louis Jacobs

Amy and Andy Jent

JPMorgan Chase Foundation

Judy and Harold Kaye

Kathleen and Scott Kirby

Debra and Stephen Knowles

Jane and John Lancaster

Shannon and William Langmade

Margaret and Greg Langston

Tara Lewis and John Swords

Michelle and William Lockhart

Cheryl and I. Bobby Majumder

Helen and Robert McGraw

Lauren McHenry and Ben Davis

Brenda and Joe McHugh

Elizabeth and Robert Mennel

Microsoft Corporation

Miller Family Foundation

Rosanne Messineo Mills and Rex Mills

Caitlin and Akers Moore

Morgan Stanley Foundation

Katie Morgan

William Murphy

Andrea and Keelan Murray

Leslie and Jason Needleman

Newman Foundation

The Northern Trust Company

Tamara and Timothy O'Connor

Margaret and Daniel Owen

Carol and Daniel Podolsky


Melissa and Jeremy Pope

Terri and Stuart Ravnik

Renah Blair Rietzke Family & Community Foundation

Peggy and Leonard Riggs

Tracy and Brian Rinehart

Kristy Robinson

The Rosewood Foundation

Christie and Frank Scardino

Cynthia Simmons

Trisha and Brad Smith

Waverly and David Smith

Susan Spalter and Debra Gertz

Sara and Todd Spraggins

Alan Stone Family Charitable Foundation

Marlene and John Sughrue

Mary K. Suhm

Steve and Emily Summers


Patty and Cary Tanamachi

Patrick and Dawne Tribolet

Stacey Varner

Michael R. Villalva

Bill and Katy Wade

Walder Intellectual Property Law PC

John Wallace

Libby and Jeff Walter

Katie and Bill Weaver

The Gil and Dody Weaver Foundation

Casey Wedgeworth

Sarah and Russell Weinberg

Jane A. Wetzel

Steven J. White

Alinda and James Wikert

William M. Fuller Foundation

Del and Cammy Wynne Williams

Amy and Nick Zenarosa


Donor listings as of September 30, 2016

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