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  1. Find Info on Membership or Giving

    Passport and Patron Memberships
    Please contact the Membership department at or 214.756.5751. Hours of operation are M-F 9am–5pm, Sat 8am–5pm, Sun 10am–5pm.

    Founders Circle Memberships
    Please contact Ashely Chellgren, Senior Director Development, at or 214.756.5870.

  2. Donate to the Museum

    We’d love to hear more about it. Contact us at

  3. Book a Perot Museum Speaker

    Need a Career Day speaker? Engage with one of our Museum educators! A Museum educator will come to your class and talk about their career path, interests, and experiences with your students. Visit our Career Days page for more information. 

    Looking for a Museum professional to speak at your event? Please download the Speaker Request Form and return no later than two months prior to your event.

  4. Book an Educational Field Trip

    Your students are going to have an adventure-filled day of learning – and we can’t wait. Feel free to explore our offerings online, or contact us at or 214.428.5555 ext. 8.

  5. Book a Group Trip

    The more the merrier! We take group reservations for groups of 10 or more. Contact us at or 214.428.5555 ext. 8.

  6. Request a Facility Rental

    Ideal for dinners, receptions, or special occasions, the Museum will have your guests looking high and low all night long at a one-of-a-kind venue. Contact Chantel McCraney at or 214.756.5758

  7. Attend a Sleepover or Have a Birthday Party

    We couldn’t be happier! Get ready to make memories you won’t get anywhere else. Contact our Family Adventures team at or 214.756.5763.

  8. Identify a Fossil Find

    A quick (and dirty) in-the-field test to assess whether something is maybe a bit of fossil bone or just plain old rock, is to lick it. If your tongue sticks to it, it’s likely bone. We know – it’s equal parts awesome and gross. This is most likely because rock is generally pretty porous and you don’t get much of a "seal" when your wet tongue hits it, whereas a piece of fossil bone (at least exterior bone surface, not the spongy, hackly interior bone) is smooth at even a microscopic level, and you get a bit more surface-tension-ish grab when your tongue hits it. If this is too much to stomach, fill out this form, and our research staff will get back to you about your discovery.

  9. Contact Our Media Relations

    First, check out our newsroom that’s full of media resources and the latest Perot Museum news. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please contact Becky Mayad at


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