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Helpful highlights for parents

Moody Family Children's Museum

To visit the Moody Family Children’s Museum, simply purchase your Perot Museum tickets at the Box Office or via ticketing kiosks in the Main Lobby — then proceed to the elevators and take the elevator down to the Lower Level. The Children's Museum is a controlled-access area especially for children 5 years and younger and their adult caregivers.

Groups with 15 or more children 5 years and younger should book their visit to the Children's Museum through the reservations department at or 214.428.5555 x8.

Early Childhood Family and Child Classes

Registered/paid Early Childhood class participants should come in the main entrance and proceed to the elevators. Take the elevators down to the Lower Level and proceed to the Purple Learning Lab.

Strollers and Wagons

Children’s strollers and wagons are not available for rent.

Personal wagons and strollers are welcomed in the exhibit halls, but are not allowed in The Hoglund Foundation Theater, a National Geographic Experience. Please be aware that on busy days, we may not be able to accommodate wagons or strollers in the Children’s Museum. Stroller parking is located at the entrance of the Children's Museum for your convenience.

Changing Stations

Ladies and Men's restrooms on Level 1 have changing stations located within. The family restroom inside the Children's Museum also includes a changing station.