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FAQs for Camps and Drop-off Programs

  • How can I be sure to get the camps/early childhood programs I want?

    The best way is to become a Perot Museum member and register online during priority registration (typically 2 weeks prior to open registration). Please visit the Membership area to purchase, renew or upgrade a membership online or call 214.756.5751.

  • How can I find out which camps/early childhood programs are filled?

    Program sessions with online enrollment have their availability updated in real time. If you are registering by phone then the attendant should be able to provide up-to-date enrollment information.

  • What is the best way to register a carpool so that all children have classes the same week?

    Register online at the same time on the same day in the early morning and be sure to register children in same class. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that all children will get the class group they want with their carpool group or friends, and we cannot make exceptions to allow more children into the program sessions. We also cannot rearrange classes to place your child with a specific group of individuals.

  • May I register my child for an older age group?

    No, we strictly enforce grade level requirements. Grade level groups for Spring Camps correspond to the grade your child is enrolled in for the spring semester. For Summer Camps, grade level groups correspond to the grade your child will be entering in the fall semester.

  • I just need before or after camp care for one day. Can I do that?

    Yes, but we require you to pay for the entire week. If you don’t sign up for either of these, but have your child show up anyway, you will be billed for the entire week of before or after care.

  • How should my child dress for the programs?

    Your child should wear comfortable clothes that may get messy. For safety, we require closed-toe shoes. Children may also need a sweater in case the classroom is cool. A specific list of clothing and other items will be outlined in your camp registration packet. Your packet will be emailed to you after you successfully enroll your child in a program.

  • What are the qualifications of your teachers and assistants?

    Our camp teachers are either certified teachers with backgrounds in science or science professionals with extensive informal education experience. Our early childhood teachers all have a degree in education with early childhood coursework and experience or CDA, or are enrolled in a college pursuing an education or science degree. The majority of our teaching assistants are participants in our youth volunteer program. All teachers are certified in basic CPR/First Aid.

  • What is the typical class size?

    Though class sizes will range, they will be no smaller than five and no larger than 20. The teacher to student ratio is one lead teacher and one to two assistants per 20 children for 1st-6th grade and per 16 children for kindergarten. This helps ensure that your child has the individualized attention he or she needs to enjoy his/her experience.

  • How are children supervised?

    Parents or guardians are required to physically sign children in and out of classes every day. Children are supervised at all times and are escorted on restroom breaks.

  • What are the behavior expectations for children?

    Child expectations are posted in each room and are emphasized throughout the week. In the event of a severe behavior problem, we will call you to pick up your child. At our discretion, your child may or may not be allowed to return to class the following day.

  • Who can I contact during the day if I need to leave an emergency message concerning my child?

    Please call the Programs Office at 214.428.5555, x8 and a staff member will deliver your message to the appropriate person. If your child has a cell phone with him/her, it needs to be turned off during the camp day. Please do not call your child’s cell phone during scheduled program times.