Wide shot of many stars in space.

May the Fourth be with you!

Free May 4-5 Events with General Admission

Celebrate the power of the Force with special activities, performances, and treats! This two-day event will explore holograms, cloning, and life on other planets, so you can find out the real science behind some of your favorite movies! You can also enjoy themed music, food, crafts, and more.

All-Day Activities

  • Themed music to get you ready to save the galaxy
  • Themed food in the Café
  • 3D–Printed Sabers
    Build your very own glowing mini Saber to take home. (While supplies last, $3 each)
  • Hologram Demonstrations
    Learn how to create real holographic messages!
  • Biological Nano Robotics from the BAST Lab
    Explore the work coming out of the Biological Actuation Sensing Transport Laboratory at SMU and see these nano robots in action.


  • Energy Sticks
    Find the Force within you to make an energy stick light up.
  • Clone Troopers
    Find out how clones are created, and learn why cloned beings age more quickly than non-cloned.
  • Life on Other Planets
    What do we look for to discover life on other planets? What might alien lifeforms look like?
  • Living in Extreme Climates
    Find out how specialized organisms can survive in extreme climates — from a harsh desert-like planet, to remote, frozen landscapes.

Special Events

Texas Saber Legion (Friday and Saturday) 11am-1pm

Witness a live battle between the light and dark sides of the Force.

Force Lighting Demonstration (Friday and Saturday) 11am-1pm

See a Tesla coil shoot bolts of electricity through the air.

Dallas Symphony Orchestra Quintet (Saturday only) 11-11:45am

Enjoy a selection of themed music performed by members of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra.


Don't Miss It: Journey to Space is closing this weekend!


Experience this hands-on, climb-aboard cosmic adventure before it’s gone.

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Please note, Museum policy is that guests over the age of 12 are not permitted to wear masks or other garments that hide the face or conceal the identity of the wearer (unless required for medical or religious reasons) inside the Perot Museum. Masks worn by those 12 and under must provide unobstructed peripheral vision at all times. For this weekend, toy Sabers will be allowed, subject to inspection by Museum staff. No other weapons or toy weapons will be permitted.

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