Wizarding Science Sleepover

Sat, Jan 4 at 6:30pm

Join us as we merge the worlds of wizardry and science! Spend a magical night with us discovering the science behind your favorite spells and potions. After this night, your little wizards won’t know the difference between their invisibility cloaks and their lab coats.

Some of the special activities at this sleepover will include:

  •  Potions: Some potions are smoky, some are gooey, and some even change colors. Learn from our potions experts what it takes to make the perfect potion.
  • Pyrokinesis: Since they told us we can’t give away pet dragons, we figured we’d show you the science behind controlling fire instead.
  • Crystal Balls, Magic Mirrors, and Glowing Gems: Meet a gems and minerals expert who can show you amazing –almost magical- things about special pieces from our gems and minerals collection.
  • Invisibility: Use the science of light and refraction to turn objects invisible.

Along with these activities, we will also feature a scavenger hunt for prizes, a Dino Dance Party, a light snack, a film in the theater, a Live Science Show and, a light breakfast, and of course general admission to all of our outstanding general exhibit halls.

For those seeking a convenient and onsite dinner option, the Café, operated by Wolfgang Puck, will be open 6:30pm to 8:30pm. 

Program Children + Teens
  • Good for

    Children and Teens

  • Location

    Entire Museum

  • Price

    Member Youth $45
    Member Adult $30
    Non-Member Youth $50
    Non-Member Adult $35

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