Mad About Science Sleepover

Sat, Feb 15 at 6:30pm

Join us for a night of fun and excitement! At our Mad About Science Sleepover, your junior scientist will have a blast exploring the Museum and conducting fun and exciting experiments. They’ll spend the night playing games and assisting with experiments that will introduce them to science in a whole new way. 

Some of the special activities at this sleepover will include:

  • Biology: Working with one of our specialists as they perform a dissection  
  • Chemistry: Using chemicals to make things explode, expand, and hold a flame
  • Astronomy: Using fun and simple math tricks to learn more about our universe
  • Engineering: Playing with robots, and learning what it takes to build a Mars rover

Along with these activities, we will also feature a scavenger hunt for prizes, a Dino Dance Party, a light snack, a film in the theater, a Live Science Show and, a light breakfast, and of course general admission to all of our outstanding general exhibit halls.

For those seeking a convenient and onsite dinner option, the Café, operated by Wolfgang Puck, will be open 6:30pm to 8:30pm.

Program Children + Teens
  • Good for

    Children and Teens

  • Location

    Entire Museum

  • Price

    Member Youth $45
    Member Adult $30
    Non-Member Youth $50
    Non-Member Adult $35

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