Scouting Adventures

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where will Scouting Adventures be held?

    All Scouting Adventures will be held in the Museum’s Learning Labs on the Lower Level, right next to the Children’s Museum


  2. What are the fees for Scouting Adventures?

    All public Scouting Adventures are $20 per Scout. For pricing on private Scouting Adventures, please contact the Family Adventures department at 214.756.5789.

  3. Who teaches Scouting Adventures?

    Scouting Adventures are taught by a subject matter specialist who can provide in-depth insight into the subjects that their Adventures cover. 


  4. Can a Scout attend two Adventures in the same day?

    Scouts are welcome to attend two Adventures offered in the same day. We just ask that the Scout have an adult present in the Museum for the hour break between adventures. Our instructors must prepare for the next Adventure and we cannot offer childcare services between sessions. 

  5. What is the deadline to register for a Scouting Adventure?

    The final day to register for an Adventure will be the Wednesday before the event, unless the Adventure sells out beforehand. 

  6. Can we explore the Museum before and after?

    Yes. All Scouts registered for an Adventure (and family members who have purchased tickets) will have admission to the Museum for the entire day.

  7. Where can we park?

    If you plan to stay at the Museum, you may use the Woodall Rogers parking lot. Parking costs $10, but members can receive a discount by speaking with our concierge at the Box Office. Parents are also welcome to use our free Special Permit parking lot for up to 30 minutes to drop off their Scouts. The driveway is located between the Museum and the North End apartment complex, directly off Field Street. Proceed to the security gate, and press the button to let security know you are here to drop off your Scout for their Scouting Adventure


  8. Can siblings come watch? What can family do?

    Siblings may attend a Scouting Adventures by signing up with the scout for $20. If family members wish to explore the Museum while the Scout is in their Adventure, they may purchase general admission tickets for $10 through the family adventures department. These tickets may be purchased by Scout families until three days before the adventure. Discounted admission may not be purchased day-of, and may not be purchased by individuals without a Scout registered. 

  9. How many Scouts will be in an Adventure?

    The maximum number of Scouts allowed in any given Scouting Adventure is 25.

  10. How can I request a specific badge be taught?

    You can request a private Scouting Adventure for your group by reaching out to us at 214.756.5789. We are able to teach many badges; please let us know what you are interested in!

  11. Will you provide blue cards?

    We will not provide blue cards, but after each Adventure we will send each Scout’s primary contact an email listing the badge requirements their Scout completed. 

  12. Will you be providing the badges?

    No. We will not provide badges after Scouting Adventures. We want each Scout to have the opportunity to be recognized by his/her group. We encourage everyone who is able to complete a badge after a Scouting Adventure to submit their work to their Scoutmaster, Troop Leader, or other authorized adult leader for proper recording and recognition.

  13. Is food provided? Are snacks and water bottles allowed?

    Water bottles are allowed. We discourage food as the Scouts will be doing scientific activities during their Adventure. We have a Café on site for Scouts and their families to visit before or after Adventures

  14. Are Scouting Adventures wheelchair accessible?

    Our Scouting Adventures are wheelchair accessible.  Please contact us with specific questions.  

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