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Social Science

Wild World

Fri, Jan 25 at 7pm

Explore just how wild our world really is as you uncover the world of animals, plants, and weather! Learn about adaptations, examine carnivorous plants, and explore weather patterns. Be prepared to meet some wild animals, some creepy crawlers, zoologists, meteorologists, and more as you stroll through the Museum at this wild Social Science!

Event Schedule

Featured Presentations in The Hoglund Foundation Theater

7:30pm | Wild Animal Encounters
The Dallas Zoo
Meet some live animals from around the world during this interactive show with educators from the Dallas Zoo.

8:30pm | Storm Chasing—Obsession, Passion, and Danger
Bret Hendrickson, Meteorologist, Storm Chaser, and Teacher at Fort Worth Academy
When a severe storm is nearby, do you take shelter or go outside to see it first-hand? Join storm chaser and meteorologist Bret Hendrickson as he talks about the extreme hobby of chasing severe storms.

9:30pm | Live Bird Show
Window to the Wild
Meet live birds and learn about their behaviors and biology with our guests from Window to the Wild.

Scheduled Activities

Toxicology Tours
8:15 and 9:15pm │ Level 2, Discovering Life Hall
Travel through Discovering Life on a guided “toxic” tour, focusing on various toxicology topics with Perot Museum volunteer and medical toxicologist Dr. Stephanie Weiss. Tours last 20-30 minutes.

Ongoing Activities

Level 1

Wolfgang Puck Gastropub
7-10:30pm │ Cafe
No need to eat before you come; enjoy a unique gourmet dinner or just a bite, and even a cold pint in our gastropub!

Wolfgang Puck Bars, Featuring Signature Cocktail: Eye of the Tiger
7-10:30pm │ Café, Plaza, Lower Level Landing, Lobby, Level 3 The Rees-Jones Foundation Dynamic Earth Hall, Level 4 T. Boone Pickens Life Then and Now Hall
Enjoy a signature cocktail or other beverage of choice at one of our Wolfgang Puck bars throughout the museum.

Perot Museum Shop
7-11pm │ Atrium
Pick up a memento to remember your wild night at the Museum.

Games on the Plaza
7-11pm │ Plaza
Grab a drink and a bite to eat and enjoy playing a game or two on the Plaza.

Photo Booth
7-11pm │ Lobby
Pose for a picture to document all the fun you are having at Social Science! Tag your photos #SocialScience

Scat-enger Hunt
7-11pm  |  Lobby
Travel throughout the Museum on a scat-enger hunt, identifying animal droppings and learning about these wild creatures as you go.

Wild Animal Laser-Cut Headwear
7-11pm  |  Lobby
Make your own animal headwear from laser-cut pieces to show of your wild side.

DJ Crush
7-11pm  |  Lobby
Sip on a signature cocktail and dance the night away to the beats of DJ Crush from Radio DJs.

Level 2

Animal Meld-O-Matic
7-10pm │ Level 2 Landing
You won’t believe your eyes when you gaze into the face morphing illusion of this crazy spinning contraption. See what you look like when your face is combined with the faces of different animals.

Wildly Toxic
7-10pm  |  Level 2 Landing
Our world is host to numerous creatures that can ooze or inject harmful toxins. Come meet some of the more dangerous animals in the Museum’s living and nonliving education collection.

Skulls Tell it All
7-10pm │ Level 2, Being Human Hall
Carnivore, herbivore, or omnivore? You can learn a lot about an animal by studying its skull. Inspect skulls of several different types of animals to explore their similarities and differences.

The Science behind Lightning
7-10pm  |  Level 2, TI Engineering and Innovation Hall
Be enlightened on lightning and the creation of plasma. If you are brave enough, you can find out whether you’re an electric person!

Level 3

Dallas Arboretum
7-10pm  |  Level 3 Landing
Join educators from the Dallas Arboretum to investigate a variety of plants from various Texas ecoregions. Explore the unique adaptations that allow a great diversity of plants to survive and thrive across our state.

North Texas Poison Control Center
7-10pm  |  Level 3 Landing
Learn about different poisonous plants with educators from the North Texas Poison Control Center.

Level 4

Carnivorous Plants
7-10pm  |  Level 4 Landing
Check out some carnivorous plants and learn all about them with Paul Riddell from The Texas Triffid Ranch.

That Animal Said What?!
7-10pm  |  Level 4, T. Boone Pickens Life Then and Now
Discover the frequency of your own voice and explore the frequency of different animal calls.

Live Birds with Window to the Wild
7-9pm  | Level 4, T. Boone Pickens Life Then and Now
Learn about conservation and various bird behaviors with Window to the Wild’s feathered friends.

Lower Level

Phases of the Moon with Oil and Cotton
7-10pm  |  Lower Level Landing
Explore the phases of the moon with artist Betty Rodriguez as you are guided through the screen printing process using thermochromatic ink that changes color with fluctuations of temperature. Take home an artwork inspired by the lunar beauty of our moon to hang on your gallery wall.

North Texas American Meteorological Society
7-10pm  |  Lower Level Landing
Join the North Texas Chapter of the American Meteorological Society as they demonstrate multiple weather experiments and discuss the tools of trade.

Native Plant Society of Texas
7-10pm  |  Lower Level Landing
Examine some native plants and learn all about them with members from the Native Plant Society of Texas.

Program Social Science
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