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Three people attempt a levitation experiment with balloons and CDs

Social Science

Science Fiction

Fri, Apr 26 at 7pm

Science fact or science fiction? The answer may surprise you! Learn about how some sci-fi gadgets of the past have informed the tech of today, and speculate about what may become reality in the future. Explore the science that goes into creating special effects and superhero and futuristic movies. Plus, dive into the complexity of artificial intelligence and robots at this adults-only night of sci-fi fun. 

Featured Presentations

The Hoglund Foundation Theater

7:30pm | Human Allied Artificial Intelligence

Dr. Sriraam Natarajan, Associate Professor at the Department of Computer Science at UT Dallas

Join Professor Natarajan as he outlines the recent advances in Artificial Intelligence that allow the agents to seamlessly interact with, learn from, and collaborate with human experts.

8:30pm | GoT: The Game of Toxicology

Stephanie T. Weiss, MD PhD, Medical Toxicology Fellow, North Texas Poison Center and Parkland Memorial Hospital

Join Dr. Stephanie Weiss for a discussion of some of the key poisons featured in the Game of Thrones novels and television series, including the strangler and the tears of Lys.

9:30pm | Combating Disease with CRISPR Technology

Dr. Rhonda Bassel-Duby, Professor of Molecular Biology at UT Southwestern Medical Center

CRISPR technology provides a method to edit our DNA and alter our genetic blueprint. Join Dr. Rhonda Bassel-Duby to learn how this technology offers a new approach to treat human disease by removing damaged DNA.

Special Activities

Superhero Science Live Show

8:15, 9:15 and 10:15pm  | Lower Level Auditorium

Discover the science behind superheroes and their amazing powers in this interactive show, which will explore topics such as matter and energy, smart materials, magnetism, levitation, and properties of light.

Shows last about 30 minutes.

Ongoing Activities

Level 1

Wolfgang Puck Gastropub

7-10:30pm | Cafe

Perot Museum Store

7-11pm  | Atrium

Games on the Plaza

7-11pm  |  Plaza

Wolfgang Puck Bars, Featuring Signature Cocktail: Close Encounters of the Third Lime featuring Tequila Herradura

7-10:30pm  | multiple museum levels

Enjoy a signature cocktail or other beverage of choice at one of our Wolfgang Puck bars throughout the museum.

Autonomous Cars with UT Dallas

7-11pm | Plaza

The UT Dallas Autonomous Cars Project is developing a fleet of small scale autonomous vehicles. Come check out a demo of their research prototype and interact with a self-driving car!

Park Place Dealerships

7-11pm | Plaza

Stop by and check out the Mercedes-Benz A-Class to experience “Hey, Mercedes” with our automotive sponsor, Park Place Dealerships.

Perot Lego Wall

7-11pm | Plaza

Leave your mark at Social Science and add a LEGO to our community mural in celebration of the traveling exhibition, Art of the Brick.

Photo Booth

7-11pm  | Plaza and Lobby

Pose for a picture to document all the fun you are having at Social Science! Tag your photos #SocialScience

Future Predictions Board

7-11pm | Lobby

What inventions do you think will exist in 100 years? Add your ideas to the communal board and check out what others predict as well.

DJ LiteBrite

7-11pm | Lobby

Sip on a signature cocktail and dance the night away to the beats of DJ LiteBrite from Radio DJs.

“Frozen in Carbonite” Action Station

7-10pm | Lobby

Grab a delicious snack at the Wolfgang Puck station in the Lobby.

Level 2: Technology

Hologram-O-Matic Machine

7-10pm  | Level 2 Landing

Check out our hologram generator that uses modern technology to render and create a hologram. Who knew we wouldn’t need to be in a movie to enjoy such futuristic technology?

Shrink Ray Science     

7-10pm | Level 2 Landing

Scientists have recently developed a way to shrink objects using chemistry. Experiment with special chemicals called polymers to uncover the scientific principles behind this futuristic technique.

Editing Genes and Manipulating Memories with SPEaC

7-10pm  | Level 2, TI Engineering and Innovation Hall

Find out if and how memories can be manipulated, and learn about gene editing with SPEaC from UT Southwestern Medical Center.

Asteroid Blocker Virtual Reality Game with 900lbs

7-10pm | Level 2, TI Engineering and Innovation Hall

Come play Asteroid Blocker, a VR game created by 900lbs, and be transported to a futuristic space dome to train for survival by deflecting holographic asteroids.

Level 3: Special Effects

Special Effects and Casting Demos with Reynolds Advanced Materials

7-10pm | Level 3 Landing

Join Reynolds Advanced Materials for ongoing demonstrations of silicone and other materials used for special f/x makeup and props.

Acoustic Levitation: Bringing Tractor Beams and Hoverboards to Life

7-10pm | Level 3 Landing

Witness the power of sound and see how we can now manipulate sound waves to control and move objects.

Sci-Fi Sounds

7-10pm | Level 3, Tom Hunt Energy Hall

Check out some ways sci-fi sounds and music are created for your favorite science fiction movies.

Tequila Herradura Tasting Station

7-10:30pm | Level 3, Lyda Hill Gems and Minerals Hall

Visit the Tequila Herradura Tasting Station to enjoy a sample and learn about the iconic brand.

*Tickets for a sample will be handed out upon check-in. One sample per person.

Level 4: Monsters

Carnivorous Plants with the Texas Triffid Ranch

7-11pm | Level 4 Landing

Don’t worry about monsters under your bed, be afraid of your house plants! Check out some carnivorous plants and watch a Venus flytrap feeding every hour, on the hour.


7-10pm | Level 4, T. Boone Pickens Life Then and Now

Learn all about one of the smallest monsters in our world, tardigrades, and find out what they have to do to survive.

Prehistoric Monsters

7-10pm | Level 4, T. Boone Pickens Life Then and Now

Meet the Paleo Preparator Manager and learn about some of the prehistoric monsters that walked our earth millions of years ago, and learn how their depictions in your favorite science fiction movies isn’t always accurate.

Lower Level: Superheroes

Pulp Fiction Collages with Oil and Cotton

7-10pm | Lower Level Landing

Explore the forgotten art of pulp fiction and create your own sensational sci-fi persona. Dive into Oil and Cotton’s extensive collection of Americana and vintage ephemera as you cut, paste, and collage a super sci-fi fantasy to take home and hang on your gallery wall.

Superhero Gaming Lounge with the National Videogame Museum

7-11pm | Lower Level, Moody Family Children’s Museum

Challenge your friends in the Superhero Gaming Lounge, which will feature videos game provided by the National Videogame Museum in Frisco.


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Tequila Herradura

Park Place Dealerships

Program Social Science
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