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Zoltan Takacs

National Geographic Live Speaker Series

Zoltan Takacs — Deadliest Lifesavers (SOLD OUT)

Wed, May 1 at 7pm


Earth’s deadliest animal venoms are a source of a number of lifesaving medicines used to treat everything from heart attacks to diabetes, yet there are millions of venom toxins in nature that remain unexplored. Biomedical scientist and inventor Zoltan Takacs collects snake, scorpion, jellyfish, and other venoms from around the world. Back in the lab, using cutting-edge genomics, he creates combinatorial venom libraries to identify leads for novel medicines.

Driven by his childhood passion, he’s traveled to 155 countries and become an aircraft pilot, scuba diver, and real-life survivor, roughing it in a hammock deep in the Amazon or in remote Pacific islands. In his mission, he has survived charging elephants, pirated waters, and a series of snake bites and venom spit in his face (all his fault, he admits). Now he’s allergic to both snake venom and antivenom.



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