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Sat, Nov 23 at 8:30am

Dig deep into the field of Archaeology as you explore what things may be discovered at a dig site, navigate the stories left behind on rock art, investigate tools and methods used by archaeologists in a lab, and more! Hear from Dr. Becca Pexiotto, Director of the Museum’s Center for the Exploration of the Human Journey,  about her experience as an “underground astronaut” in the caves of South Africa and the discovery of Homo naledi. 


Stones and Bones
The land has many stories to tell! Explore the history of human interaction within a landscape with Dr. Becca Pexiotto by investigating the bones, rocks, and artifacts that may be found in the layers of earth.

Rock Art Rocks
Join Jessica Lee from Shumla Archaeological Research and Education Center in exploring the fascinating stories that paintings and carvings in rock reveal about different cultures and how archaeologists and scientists are using new technologies to preserve them for future generations.

Explore different methods and tools of the trade with North Texas Archeological Society as you investigate, test, and study objects, artifacts, and materials that may be found at a dig site.

“Underground Astronaut”
Hear Dr. Becca Peixotto, director of the Museum’s Center for the Exploration of the Human Journey, speak about her experience as an “underground astronaut” in the caves of South Africa and the discovery of Homo naledi.

Speaker Bio

Becca Peixotto
Director and Research Scientist of the Center for the Exploration of the Human Journey
Becca Peixotto, Ph.D. earned her BA from the University of Alabama-Huntsville, an MA from the Universiteit van Amsterdam, and an MA in public anthropology and her Ph.D. at American University in Washington, DC, where she later served as Archaeologist in Residence. In 2013, when a call went out for archaeologists with caving and climbing experience to excavate hominid fossils deep in a cave in South Africa, she leapt at the chance to combine her skill sets to uncover what turned out to be a new-to-science ancient human relative, Homo naledi.
Peixotto relishes the intellectual (and physical) challenges of research in remote areas where finding, excavating, and analyzing sites requires new technologies and methods as well as adapting tried and true ones, and where the landscapes, artifacts, and bones often lead us to unexpected insights into our shared human history.

Local Facilitating Organizations

North Texas Archeological Society
The North Texas Archeological Society (NTAS), which started as the Tarrant County Archeological Society in 1955, is a nonprofit organization of over 150 individuals dedicated to scientific archeological exploration and research, the preservation and conservation of archeological materials and sites, the interpretation and publication of data pertaining to archeological materials and sites, and the education of the public to the aims of archeology. NTAS meets at 7:30 pm on the second Thursday of each month (except for June and December). The meetings are free and open to the public. See the NTAS website (ntxas.org) for details and to be placed on the email list for monthly NTAS newsletters.

Jessica Lee Hamlin from Shumla Archaeological Research and Education Center
Jessica received a B.A. in Archaeology at Texas A&M University, College Station, and an M.A. in Human Geography with a focus in ancient human land use at the University of Texas, Austin. She helped to found Shumla Archaeological Research & Education Center in 1998 and went on to work in the Smithsonian Institution, Crow Canyon Archaeological Center, and spent 8 years as a Consultant in the Communications and Change Management Practice at an international professional services firm. She was ecstatic to return to Shumla as Executive Director in 2015.
Shumla Archaeological Research and Education Center is a global leader in rock art research and education. We use advanced science and technology in our fight to preserve the information held in the oldest “books” in North America — the endangered ancient murals of the Lower Pecos Canyonlands of Texas. Shumla is headquartered in Dallas, TX and operates field and laboratory programming in Comstock, TX, in the heart of the Lower Pecos Canyonlands. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded in 1998. Our discoveries are adding chapters to the history of our state, our continent and the world. Our work is preserving an untapped ancient library for future generations.

Generously supported by the King family. 

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