Three girls gathered around a brain exhibit at the Perot Museum.

Founders Circle 

Your support can make a difference and change the lives of children in our community. We built a Museum to inspire children and visitors of all ages to envision their futures and dream big. A place that encourages kids and “kids at heart,” to become scientists, designers, engineers, and beyond. Support from our community helps inspire the next generation of innovators – the kids of today who will take us to Mars, find a cure for cancer, and motivate all of us to create a better and brighter tomorrow. All it takes is the small spark of “wow!” when they visit the Perot Museum for the first time.

Join us and support a mission that will have a lasting impact on our future, and more importantly, our children’s future.

Founders Circle Enhanced Benefits

Concierge Assistance

We're here to answer your questions or even take you on a guided tour.

Receive concierge assistance through the Development office when scheduling your Museum visits. Call 214.756.5808.

Invitation-Only Special Events

Invitations to exclusive Founders Circle events, special engagements, and exhibit openings.

Donor Recognition

See your name on the website and the donor wall in the lobby.

Free Parking

Park in our on-site Special Permit lot, just steps from the front door.

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Founders Circle Membership Levels


$2,500/ Yr

$2,132 tax deductible

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$5,000/ Yr

$4,576 tax deductible

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$10,000/ Yr

$9,520 tax deductible

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$15,000/ Yr

$14,464 tax deductible

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$25,000/ Yr

$24,408 tax deductible

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$50,000/ Yr

$49,408 tax deductible

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All Patron Circle Level Benefits
Complimentary Patron Silver Membership to Gift
Private Breakfast With Chief Curator
Complimentary Week of Discovery Camp
Private After-Hours Exhibit and Not-on-display Collections Tours
Private Lunch with CEO
Dialogue and Engagement with Museum Leadership

Founders Circle Members

$25,000 Exhibitors

Alice and Michael Brown

Kathryn Gilman

Al G. Hill, Jr.*

Lyda Hill

Nancy Ann and Ray L. Hunt

Margot and Ross Perot

Carolyn and Karl Rathjen


$15,000 Discoverers

Mary Anne Cree

Deedie Rose

Catherine and Will Rose


$10,000 Adventurers

Jill Bee and Loren Glasser

Maura and Timothy Costello

Pilar and Lew Davies

Nancy Perot and Rod Jones

Scott Leonard

Charlene and Tom Marsh

John and Dorothy O'Dwyer

Katherine Perot Reeves and Eric Reeves

$5,000 Collectors


Linda Silver

Susie and John Adams

Jennifer and Peter Altabef

Mary Baerg

Francis and Branden Barron

Sheila and Dave Beuerlein

Barbara and Bob Bigham

Cecilia and Garrett Boone

Diane and Hal Brierley



Linda and Steven Blasnik

Mr. and Mrs. Mason C. Brown

Angela Wommack and Ted Casey

Kathy and James Clark

Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth H. Cooper

Catherine Corrigan

Emily and David Corrigan

Audra and Joshua Curlett

Catie and Aaron Enrico

Amy and Lee Fikes

Sally and Forrest Hoglund



Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Hughes

Cathey and Don Humphreys

Mr. and Ms. Hunter L. Hunt

Debby and Bob Johnson

Heather and John Knapowski

Libby and Murray McCabe

Suzanne and Patrick McGee

Sharon and Tom Meurer

Heather and Kent Novak

Katherine and Bob Penn

Tim Wallace

$2,500 Members


Peggy and Richard Allison

Dr. and Mrs. Kelvin Baggett

Emy Lou and Jerry Baldridge

Carolyn and Ken Barth

Carolyn and Steven Becker

Charles N. Bell, Catherine E. Bracken and Barbara A. Bell

Marilyn and Mike Berry

Cordelia and Tom Boone

Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Briggs

Kate and Lane Britain

Lucy and Michael Brittian

Nancy and Clint Carlson

Christina and Joseph Cavalier

Kelly Compton

Virginia and Ansel Condray

Mr. and Mrs. George Consolver

Ka and L. L. Cotter

Erin Nealy Cox and Trey Cox

Morgan Cox

Kathy and Harlan Crow

Linda and Bill Custard

Sherri and Alan Darver

Peggy Dear

Nancy M. Dedman

Kelly and Scott Drablos

Anne and Mike Duffy

Jennifer and John Eagle

Betsy and Richard Eiseman

Laura and Walter Elcock

Dr. and Mrs. Henry Estess

Richard Fagin

Melissa and Trevor Fetter

Julie Ford

Kay and Duncan T. Fulton III

Jane and Ronald J. Gard

Mr. and Mrs. Roger C. Gault

Kathleen and Robert Gibson

Heather and Christopher Gilker

Michelle and Michael Ginnard

Bette and Stephen Goldmann

Robyn and Andrew Gould

Sheila and Joseph Grant

Mona and Bill Graue

Carolyn and Loren Greaves

Lauren and Ryan Grogman



Michael and Paulette Haggerty

Dr. and Mrs. John M. Haley

Michelle and Houston Hall

Weeda and Mark Hamdan

Martha and Doug Hawthorne

Tim Powers

Bert P. Headden and Cindy S. Thomas

Carol and Jeff Heller

Julie and Ken Hersh

Amy and Michael Hester

Margaret and Bradford Hirsch

Roger Horchow

Marla and Mark Hughston

Ms. Caroline Rose Hunt

Tavia and Clark Hunt

Toni and Dan Hunt

Rita and Lamar Hunt, Jr.

Norma K. Hunt

Sharron L. Hunt

Nancy and W. Herbert Hunt

Dr. and Mrs. Richard Irwin

Rusty and John Jaggers

Janet and Chuck Jarvie

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Elliott Jeter

Melinda and Jim Johnson

Susan and Mark Kiker

Eugenia and Frank-Paul King

Mr. and Mrs. J. Peter Kline

Clane E. Lacrosse

Michele and Jack Lafield

Carol and John Levy

Allyson and Hays Lindsley

Marguerite and Michael Marz

Susan and Tom Mayer

Mary McDermott Cook

Mrs. Eugene McDermott

Cassie and Mac McFarland

Phyllis and Steve McKnight

Sarah and Shawn McNaughton

Elaine and Kenneth Mecca

Maryann and Frank Mihalopoulos

Virginia and Ben Mimmack

Janet and John Mockovciak

Vinette and Michael Montgomery

Paula M. Mosle

Ruth Mutch



Alice and Erle Nye

Amy and Greg Osler

Melissa and Bart Plaskoff

Laurie and Todd Platt

Gail and Bill Plummer

Barbara and Stan Rabin

Cindy and Howard Rachofsky

Kathleen and Christopher Ray

Jennie and Stuart Reeves

Marybeth and Craig Reid

Isaac I. Foundation

Tracy and Brian Rinehart

Frank and Helen Risch

John Rodgers

Barbara and Randall Rosenblatt

Suzann Ruff

Sylvia Cespedes Hernan Saenz

Diane and John Scovell

Amy and Jesse Seery

Peggy and Carl Sewell

Elizabeth and Bart Showalter

Mrs. George A. Shutt

Deacon Denis and Lady Denise Simon

Nicole and Justin Small

Pat and Ray Smerge

Trisha and Brad Smith

Mr. and Mrs. William T. Solomon

Ann and Robert Steffler

Gayle and Paul Stoffel

Felice and Denis Stokes

Marlene and John Sughrue

Greg Swalwell and Terry Connor

Mary and Mike Terry

Mr. Jere W. Thompson, Sr.

Dr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Tobey

Robert and Fallon Vaughn

Marilyn and Ben Weber

Garry Weber

Lori and Chuck Whitten

Marnie and Kern Wildenthal

Abigail and Todd Williams

J. D. and Roberta Williamson

Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Young

Mr. and Mrs. Larry D. Young


Listings current as of April 2018