2theXtreme: MathAlive! sparked the imagination and revealed the infinite possibilities of math.

The exhibition brought mathematics to life through the innovative technologies behind sports, space technologies, fashion, robotics and more. Guests explore nearly 40 interactive activities such as mountain bike challenges, developing their own video game and NASA robotics simulations all while being accompanied by the Botz – fun and energetic virtual guides who love math and helped inspire young visitors with their quirky personalities. Along the way guests met professionals, visionaries and inspiring personalities from a variety of fields and learned how they use math every day.

In this 5,000 square foot exhibition, you could freestyle on a snowboard, develop a video game, attempt an Ollie on a custom skateboard, capture your 360-degree image, challenge a friend in a mountain bike race, operate simulations of NASA's latest robotics and even design infrastructure for an ecologically sustainable city through nearly 40 unique, interactive experiences. MathAlive! brings math into the worlds of design, engineering, technology and science. 

Six themed areas with hands-on discovery revealed the relevancy of math to real life: "Outdoor Action," "Build Your World," "Future Style," "Kickin' It," "Game Plan," and "Robotics and Space." 

2theXtreme: MathAlive!

Ride a snowboard, build a skyscraper, explore space and so much more in the totally rad new exhibition 2theXtreme: MathAlive!

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The Episcopal School of Dallas and St. Philip's School & Community Center

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Texas Instruments 

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