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Now Closed | February 11–September 4, 2017

Uncover a world buried over time, in Maya: Hidden Worlds Revealed. Explore the social, natural, and spiritual realms of the Maya – past and present – known for their monumental architecture, distinctive art, and intricate knowledge of astronomy and time.

Behold secrets that lay hidden for centuries as you journey through an underworld cave, excavate an ancient burial site, and encounter the richness of Maya culture through hands-on explorations such as building arches, deciphering hieroglyphs, translating the Maya calendar, and more! 

This exhibit is available in English and Spanish.


Master Builders

The Maya built large cities out of stone — without the use of the wheel. You can experiment with building your own arches out of blocks and explore dozens of other hands-on activities that dig into Maya life during the Classic period.


Playing for Your Life

Today’s most popular games — including basketball and soccer — owe their origins to the Maya, inventors of the bouncing rubber ball. More than just a pastime, the Maya ball game put deep religious beliefs into action. You can experience for yourself the surprising weight of the Maya ball and delve deeper in to the history of the ancient Maya ballgame.


A Story in Pictures

More than a thousand years ago, Maya artists painted the walls of temples with vivid scenes of war, celebration, and life at court. See one of these magnificent friezes get “repainted” before your eyes in the vibrant colors it once displayed through the use of projection technology.


Histories in Stone

Deconstruct a king’s name at the Name Glyph Generator and hear the sounds that all the signs represent. Then create your own Maya name to print out and take home.


Charting the Heavens

For the Maya, the sun, moon, stars, and planets represented powerful gods who affected human destiny. Using interactive modern technology, you can uncover how the Maya recorded time and figure out how all of their calendar systems fit together.


Unlocking the Past

The ancient Maya world lay hidden for centuries. Today, scholars are revealing its secrets. Journey through a cave containing excavated items that tell the story of the Maya’s struggle to survive, and their understanding of life and rebirth.

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