Here at the Museum, every object and specimen tells a story. In Eye of the Collector, the quirky, crafty, historical and fashionable objects of 10 very different people came together to show that the recollections they have of their prized possessions are at least as valuable as the collections themselves.

While all collectors are united by their common desire to seek and gather objects, the reasons why they collect are varied. Some have a natural curiosity about the world around them or have a desire forge a connection with a rich culture. Others love to keep mementos of happy moments in their lives or wish to build a legacy that can live on for others to enjoy after them. For some it is simply the thrill of hunting down and finding an elusive object that fuels their drive to collect.

Included in the exhibition:

  • Antique duck decoys from Ron Gard
  • Pez dispensers from Carla Hartman
  • Eclectic jewelry made from unexpected materials from Deedie Rose
  • Dallas Cowboys® memorabilia from Bob Bragalone
  • African American and Black dolls from Debbie Garrett
  • Star Wars® memorabilia from Steve Sansweet
  • Vintage bicycles form Scott McCaskey
  • Ballet folklorico dresses from Anita Martinez
  • Fossils and ancient artifacts from Nancy and Randy Best