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Did you know a Pachyrhinosaurus stars in the 20th Century Fox movie, Walking with Dinosaurs? As an expert on Arctic dinosaurs, and as the paleontologist responsible for the discovery of the Pachyrhinosaurus perotorum, the Perot Museum's Dr. Anthony Fiorillo (Tony) served as a consultant for the movie. Dr. Fiorillo spent upwards of 100 hours on the project advising on the accuracy of plant and wildlife in the film, as well as participating in previews and screenings.

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Much of the Perot Museum’s current research is based upon material collected during expeditions in Alaska (photos), from north of the Arctic Circle on the Colville River, to areas further south in Denali National Park. This work is part of joint programs among the National Park Service, the University of Alaska, the University of Kansas and Hokkaido University in Japan. It has already resulted in the discovery of a new species of horned dinosaur, Pachyrhinosaurus perotorum (photos), and further discoveries are yet to be made!

Catch a glimpse of some of our work on the 2008-2009 PBS NOVA Series, Artic Dinosaurs (video).

The Pachyrhinosaurus perotorum manuscript of Dr. Fiorillo and Dr. Tykoski can be found here.  

Perot Museum scientists hike through the Denali area in AlaskaPerot Museum scientists hike through the Denali area in Alaska (photos)