Our Columbian Mammoth, Ellie May

In summer 2014, an incredibly pristine and nearly complete Mammuthus columbi skeleton was excavated from a gravel pit in Ellis County. “Ellie May” has now made her way to her new permanent home in the Rees-Jones Dynamic Earth Hall on Level 3 of the Perot Museum, where she awaits your visit!

Ellie May

The Museum is extremely grateful for the work of Navarro College biology professor and paleontologist Tom Vance and his team of staff, students and volunteers who spent hundreds of hours preparing the skeleton for excavation; and for the generosity of the Wayne McEwen family, which donated the specimen to the Perot Museum, to be preserved for scientific research and study for years to come.

For more information on Ellie May, see our Educator's Guide — and if you are an educator, use the guide to help your students make the most of Ellie May! We also have a Meet Ellie May workshop for educators available.

Mammoth skull extraction

Perot Museum or Bust! Dr. Ron Tykoski talks us through the extraction of a mammoth skull from the ground! Look what your North Texas Giving Day funds will support!

Videos from the dig site

These videos were captured in 2014 at the dig site in Ellis County. Watch the Museum's renowned paleontology team in action as the skeleton is cleaned, prepared, studied and lifted out of the ground.

Perot Museum or Bust! Bring Your Mammoth Home

Over the next few weeks, an incredibly pristine and nearly complete mammoth skeleton will be excavated from a North Texas dig site and transported to its permanent home with the collections at the Perot Museum. This is your chance to watch the Museum's re


Mammuthus columbi in the news

The exciting donation of this pristine mammoth skeleton to the Museum has been covered throughout North Texas and beyond! See some of the stories:

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