Texas Instruments Engineering and Innovation Hall

How does it work? Ask an engineer.

What do bridges, prosthetics and robots have in common? Discover how engineers use math and science to solve everyday problems.

Have you ever had an idea for an invention or innovation, but didn’t know how to make it a reality? That’s where engineering comes in! In fact, many North Texas engineers have made history with their inventions over the years — making the Perot Museum the perfect spot to engineer a day of discovery!


Engineers specialize in many different areas, from architectural and mechanical to electrical and software engineers. And here inside the Texas Instruments Engineering and Innovation Hall, you’ll experience what it’s like to build a better building, program movements in our 3D animation lab — even design and build a robot to race through a maze, pick up objects, or go head to head with other robots! Other areas of exploration include:


Explore how factors like strength, tension, compression, frequency and drag can affect a building’s integrity. Interactive exhibits encourage you to:

  • Design and build a truss — then test your creation to measure its weight-bearing capacity
  • Build a model skyscraper to withstand a simulated earthquake

Machines and Electronics

Get hands-on with everything from basic mechanics to advanced digital innovations as you:

  • Combine common machines to create a complex chain reaction
  • Discover how electronic feedback systems control motors smoothly and automatically
  • Use digital electronics to create music and sound effects
  • Experiment with robots that can be controlled directly or through pre-programming