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Lamar Hunt Family Sports Hall

Give your mind and body a workout!

Welcome to Sports Hall — where every field, court, track and gym is a hands-on science lab! Get into the action by throwing a fastball, kicking a soccer ball or turning cartwheels — while a high-speed camera captures it all for you to review when you’re done.

Lamar Hunt Family Sports Hall - Run Exhibit Updated

The Sports Run Exhibit is a 55-foot interactive exhibit in the Sports Hall.

By studying your body in motion, you’ll gain a better understanding of what it takes to become a great athlete. You’ll also discover the importance of physiology and physics in active play, whether you’re challenging friends to a game of tag or watching a professional athlete set a world’s record. Explorations include:

You in Motion

Discover how small changes in technique can boost your performance as you: 

  • Race against a friend, or time yourself against a pro
  • Explore how the position of your body affects your speed during a spin
  • Test your hand-eye coordination and reaction speed 

Healing and Health

How do athletes keep their bodies in peak condition? Explore the answers by:

  • Scanning a human silhouette to reveal X-ray, CT or MRI images of common sports injuries
  • Learning how exercise, diet and training can help athletes prevent some injuries
  • Balancing food choices with the right amount of physical activity