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Moody Family Children's Museum

Where little explorers make big discoveries

Park your stroller — and rev up for a day of discovery with your child! Here, kids 5 and younger can climb a replica of Reunion Tower, discover Texas wildlife or simply paint a picture.

Created especially for children age 5 and younger, the Moody Family Children's Museum gives babies, toddlers and preschoolers a space of their own to explore alongside a parent or caregiver.


A shimmering river-like floor graphic flows throughout the space, leading visitors through a dynamic world of discovery. The adventure begins with an indoor nature hike, complete with a child-size campsite and crawl-through fallen log to explore! And just around the bend, our version of the Dallas Farmer’s Market provides a stimulating backdrop for imaginative play as young farmers, customers, delivery drivers, artists and others begin to emerge. From the hands-on discovery of our waterplay tables to the gazebo-enclosed sanctuary of our baby and toddler park, the Moody Family Children’s Museum is a place where dynamic interactions are always at play. So prepare to discover the world together — one hands-on, crawl-on, climb-on adventure at a time! Highlights include:

Exploring Nature

Our simulated forest brings the outdoors inside, giving children the opportunity to:

  • Explore flora and fauna of the Trinity River corridor
  • Grab a field guide and binoculars to become a junior wildlife biologist
  • Try on different costumes to imagine the world from an animal’s point of view
  • Learn how staff members care for our terrarium animals, including frogs, toads, anoles, geckos, spiders and snakes

Discovering Dallas

Here at the Perot Museum, “Big D” stands for “Big Discoveries,” where young guests can:

  • Pretend to be a vendor, customer or delivery person at the biggest little farmers market in town 
  • Arrange and rearrange artificial flower bouquets
  • Listen to the stories of real people who buy or sell produce at the Dallas Farmers Market
  • Climb stairs and ramps to explore a child-sized version of the Dallas skyline
  • Cross over a small-scale model of the Margaret Hunt Hill bridge

Digging for Dinos

Our hands-on dinosaur dig is inspired by real fossil digs from the Big Bend area of Texas. It’s a great way for children to experience what it’s like to:

  • Put on a field vest and join our team of junior paleontologists
  • Use scoops, shovels and rakes to dig for replica fossils in our shaded outdoor dig area
  • Make a new discovery with every visit

Baby and Toddler Park

This sensory-rich environment was created especially for our youngest visitors and their caregivers. It’s a place where babies and toddlers can:

  • Explore at their own pace within a large gazebo-style enclosure that sets the area apart 
  • Crawl on and through oversized replicas of a nest, mole hole and more 
  • Learn how their actions affect their environment by manipulating different knobs, levers, noisemakers and more
  • Share a story with their caregivers at our book bench

Art Lab

The Art Lab is a place for children to:

  • Engage in free drop-in art programs or science explorations
  • Explore their world through color and texture, science and nature
  • See more exciting programs for young children