Ultimate DInosaurs

Time machine not required

Ultimate DInosaurs

See dinosaurs come to life! In Ultimate Dinosaurs, you’ll get access to rarely seen specimens from the other side of the world — from the tiny Eoraptor to T. rex’s bigger, badder cousin, Giganotosaurus. Be transported to prehistoric times through cutting-edge technology, where you can explore the breathtaking characteristics of these exotic species through hands-on activities. Time machine not required.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ultimate Dinosaurs

  1. What is the age recommendation for Ultimate Dinosaurs?

    The Ultimate Dinosaurs exhibition is full of amazing science fun and learning for all ages. 

  2. How do I visit Ultimate Dinosaurs?

    Reserve your tickets online in advance or in person at the Box Office. Admission is offered at 15-minute intervals and requires a general admission reservation. Become a member to take advantage of special benefits and discounts.

  3. Do you offer discounted tickets?

    Current members receive discounted admission to the Ultimate Dinosaurs exhibition.

    General admission discounts are available at the Box Office for eligible patrons such as guest pass and voucher holders, educators, military, ASTC reciprocal admission, and more. Learn more

    Visiting Dallas? Consider purchasing a CityPASS voucher(s), which will save you 38% or more on admission to the Perot Museum (General Admission and a 3D film), plus 3 more top Dallas attractions, as well as $2 off Ultimate Dinosaurs. Purchase online here or at the Box Office for the same low price.

  4. Can I bring a group to Ultimate Dinosaurs?

    Absolutely! In fact, we offer discounts for groups of ten or more. 


  5. What do you have to offer educators who want to come for a field trip?

    We can help you plan a field trip to bring your students to Ultimate Dinosaurs,  as well as our TEKS-aligned general exhibits. We offer a free Educator’s Guide and other materials to bring Ultimate Dinosaurs  into your classroom.



  6. How long will this exhibition be open?

    Ultimate Dinosaurs will be open through January 6, 2019.

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