The Science of Guinness World Records

It’s your turn, Dallas. Achieve Amazing.

March 6 – September 6, 2021

All around the world, people are pushing themselves to achieve new and amazing things. From the world’s smallest stop motion film (hint: it’s measured in nanometers), to the most drum beats in 60 seconds (2,400 beats or 40 beats per second!), to the most consecutive pinky pull-ups (36!), the world is full of fascinating people achieving strange and incredible feats.

Now, for the first time ever, we’re looking into the science behind these mesmerizing accomplishments with our new The Science of Guinness World Records exhibition.

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Please be aware if you or someone in your group is sensitive to flashing lights and loud sounds as both are present within the space.

Go behind the scenes and see what it takes. Hear the stories of those who set out to break new ground and succeeded. Learn the secrets, then try it yourself. Challenge your friends, your family, your foes, your classmates, or even other visitors.

Set new records. Challenge old ones.
Make the history books.

Can you break the World Record for the highest PACMAN score?

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