Nature’s Art - The Mineral Beauty of China

From Dec 11, 2019 to Sep 6, 2021 witness the mineral beauty of China in this special exhibition featuring over 70 specimens from various geographical regions of the country.

Collecting rocks and stone carvings has been popular in China for thousands of years. However, this interest did not necessarily extend to minerals. The country’s abundant mineral resources were historically used for industrial purposes only. This changed in the mid-1980’s when remarkable Chinese specimens entered the Western market and not only amazed collectors worldwide, but also later via the internet created a rising interest within China itself to collect minerals.

Marvel at breathtaking specimens including a metallic masterpiece of stibnite, feet-shaped azurite and malachite, a mountainous fluorite covered in snow-like calcite and much more.

This special exhibit is located in the Lyda Hill Gems and Minerals Hall and is included with General Admission.

“Happy Feet” Azurite and Malachite, on loan from Dr. Robert Lavinsky, photo Joe Budd/Arkenstone