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Journey to Space


October 21 - May 6

Average Duration

1 hour

Good for

All Ages


Lower Level

Brain Juice Focus


Come as close to being in space as one can get from Earth. Get ready for an incredible and unforgettable hands-on and climb-aboard cosmic adventure of science fun and learning that can’t be found anywhere else. Experience the sights, sounds, and smells on board an orbiting space station, and try your hands at some of the feats of engineering that support astronauts.

Don't Miss Moments

Operate a robotic arm

Try your hand at performing the work of astronauts as you control a robotic arm! You'll quickly see the challenges faced when in space.

Understand how objects behave in zero pressure

Does a fan create a breeze in a vacuum? Can you hear a bell ring? Experiment with the vacuum chamber and find out!

Experience weightlessness

Get a glimpse of the disorientation first-time astronauts experience when you walk through a full-scale replica of the International Space Station's Destiny Lab. The module rotates around you to give you the sensation of floating in space!

Getting to space

Space is not a friendly place. Your spacecraft can protect you from the vacuum, but watch out for the meteoroids! You’ll get to see the impact a meteoroid can have on a spaceship and examine the hole it creates in a thick metal plate, then launch a water rocket into the air to see just how much pressure it takes to get to space.

See how astronauts live

Feed your curiosity by listening to real astronauts describe the quirks and serious challenges of living and working in space. Routine things like eating, going to the bathroom, and exercising are a lot different there than on Earth. Sit on a space toilet and examine real space food.

Operate a robotic arm

Understand how objects behave in zero pressure

Experience weightlessness

Getting to space

See how astronauts live

Frequently Asked Questions about Journey to Space

  1. What is the age recommendation for Journey to Space?

    The Journey to Space exhibition is full of amazing science fun and learning for all ages. While adults and older children can learn about and experience, first hand, the technical challenges and accomplishments space travel presents, a specially designed “space dollhouse” will entertain and teach the youngest visitors about life on board the International Space Station. They can even construct colony for future Mars inhabitants!

  2. How do I visit Journey to Space?

    Reserve your tickets online in advance or in person at the Box Office. Admission is offered at 15-minute intervals and requires a general admission reservation. Become a member to take advantage of special benefits and discounts.

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  3. Do you offer discounted tickets?

    General admission discounts are available for eligible patrons at the Box Office. These include CityPASS holders, guest pass and voucher holders, educators, military, ASTC reciprocal admission, and more. Members receive discounted admission to the Journey to Space exhibition.

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  4. Can I bring a group to Journey to Space?

    Absolutely! In fact, we offer discounts for groups of ten or more. 

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  5. What do you have to offer educators who want to come for a field trip?

    We can help you plan a field trip to bring your students to Journey to Space, as well as our TEKS-aligned general exhibits. We offer a free Educator’s Guide and other materials to bring Journey to Space into your classroom.

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Presented by the Science Museum of Minnesota and the California Science Center. With support from NASA.

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