A STEM Pathway Mentoring Program

About ConnecTEEN

Rooted in the Perot Museum’s mission to inspire minds through nature and science, ConnecTEEN is a program that empowers students to develop the in-demand skillsets needed to thrive in STEM colleges and careers while providing academic, industry and Perot Museum support.

Featuring monthly workshops, university campus visits, a mentoring partnership with an industry professional and much more, ConnecTEEN participants will have the opportunity to explore and deepen their interests. Through this program, students will tap into their unlimited potential to flourish in STEM fields.

To participate in ConnecTEEN, students must be enrolled in the program’s partner school. ConnecTEEN is currently in its 2021-2022 pilot phase, partnering with IDEA Academy, and not accepting applications. Please check back for details on the 2022-2023 school partnership.


  1. Where is ConnecTEEN based?

    We operate out of Dallas, Texas, at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science. Keep in mind that some program activities may require travel.

  2. Why should students participate in ConnecTEEN?

    ConnecTEEN provides the perfect environment for students to explore their interest in STEM. The program will offer invaluable opportunities to encourage participants to continue pursuing a STEM career after graduation. As studies have shown: “There is a growing need for more students to pursue STEM fields and careers to fill the demand for professionals in the STEM workforce. Providing students with access to STEM content and information regarding potential STEM careers should begin early in their educational career.”

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  3. What is the application for?

    The application is for our Signature High School Youth Development program. The program includes:

    • Monthly workshops on STEM career readiness
    • Annual symposium
    • 15 hours of STEM pathways training and mentoring
    • Three-day extended campus visits across North Texas
    • Weeklong STEM expedition to regional locations during summer months
  4. Who is eligible to apply?

    We are currently in the pilot phase of ConnecTEEN and are partnering with IDEA Academy students in 10th and 11th grade. The program encourages all eligible students to apply, especially those that are traditionally underrepresented in STEM.

    We are currently not accepting applications. Check back soon for more details. 

  5. Do participants need to have prior STEM experience?

    While prior experience is helpful, it is not required. ConnecTEEN will help build the research skills and abilities to prepare students for their STEM pathway.

  6. What information does the application ask for?

    The application asks for basic demographic information, information on previous STEM experience/study and a short paragraph for the student to explain why they would like to be a part of ConnecTEEN.

  7. How much does the program cost?

    The program is free of charge through our great corporate sponsor Lockheed Martin. Thanks to their generosity, all program services will be completely free for students.

  8. When will students be notified if they are selected for the program?

    Chosen applicants will receive a confirmation email within 14 calendar days or less from the application deadline date.