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Creating a Team

FIRST Lego League Team

If you’re interested in forming a FLL team, here’s how it works:

FLL teams consist of anywhere from 2 to 10 members, ages 9-14. While most teams are founded by schools, many are also independently run through Boy and Girl Scout troops, science and technology clubs, homeschool groups, other outreach organizations, or just groups of friends!

The Perot Museum of Nature and Science is the Operational Partner for FLL in North Texas. We oversee official FLL events in the region and work to spread the word of FLL. We cannot, however, assist with team creation or management. We recommend the following course of action for anyone interested in getting involved with an FLL team:

Getting Involved with a Team

  1. Contact the child’s school and see if they already have an FLL team that has an available spot.
  2. If the child’s school does not have a team, encourage them to start one.
  3. Offer to become a team coach.  There are great resources for coaches here.
  4. Need help locating an FLL team in your area? Try FIRST's team-matching system, TeamUp.

How to Register

Once you have a group of students and a coach, you’re ready to begin the season – all you need to do is register!

To register to compete in official FLL Tournaments, you must first register with FIRST by visiting the FIRST LEGO® League website. Registration takes place each year between May and September. 

  1. Visit the FIRST LEGO® League website to start a team. 
  2. Read all of the instructions carefully and click on "Register" in the gray box.
  3. Follow the instructions to create an account and begin the registration process. Please note, as of this year, all teams will need to list two coaches/mentors/adult contacts who must pass a background check before registration can be confirmed.
  4. Once both adults have passed the background check, FIRST will send you instructions on how to order your Challenge Set. 

Costs or required items

  • $225 per team: fee to register through FIRST. Registration through FIRST is required to participate in any official local, national, or international events, which may have additional costs.
  • $75 + shipping: cost of Field Set-up Kits. These consist of the Lego pieces and field mat that the robots will use in the Robot Game and Robot Design judged session.
  • $~250-$1000+: cost of NXT or EV3 robots, depending on source and "bells and whistles." Either robot can be used for competitions

  • Part pricing list

General participation rules

  • Team members must make all decisions and do all the work on the Robot Game and Project. This includes deciding on strategy, building, programming, researching, choosing a problem and innovative solution, and presenting at a tournament.

  • Anyone who works with the team (Coaches, Mentors, Topic Experts, Parents, etc.) may teach team members new skills, handle logistics for the team, ask questions to get team members thinking, and remind them of the FIRST LEGO League rules. Adults play an important role in coaching and supporting their team, but the team’s robot and Project should be the work of team members.

Team member rules

  • A team must have a minimum of two (2) and a maximum of ten (10) children. A team with more than ten (10) children will not be eligible for awards at an official tournament.

  • Children may be members of only one (1) FIRST LEGO League team per season.

  • No team member may be outside the maximum allowed age in your region prior to January 1 of the year the Challenge is released.

  • Allowed ages in most countries: 9-16 years

  • Allowed ages in U.S., Canada, and Mexico: 9-14 years

  • For example, in the United States, a student who turns 15 in May of 2016 would be eligible to compete in the Challenge released in August of 2016, whereas a child who turned 15 in December 2015 would not.

For answers to FIRST LEGO® League questions and details about the North Texas region, please contact