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Add a whole new dimension to your field trip with a totally immersive 3D film experience. From the moment your students open their eyes to the digital clarity of The Hoglund Foundation Theater, they’re also opening their mind to some of the most fascinating topics that science and nature have to offer. Every minute matters when your group has limited time to explore, so our morning and early afternoon theater schedule includes shorter science films so that your students can enjoy an awe-inspiring experience without missing out on exciting learning opportunities throughout the Museum.


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Monday-Friday School Show Schedule Begin September 1

Waking the T. Rex: The Story of SUE
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It's a step back to the Cretaceous period - revealing SUE, the largest and most complete Tyrannosaurus rex ever found - like you've never known her before. Witness how present-day paleontologists hunt for dinosaurs, how SUE was discovered in the badlands of South Dakota in 1990, and how her skeleton was excavated and reassembled. This film is recommended for guests 4 years and older. Some scenes may be graphic for younger viewers. Viewer discretion advised.

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Wildest Weather in the Solar System
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In this spectacular National Geographic film, you will witness the most powerful and mysterious weather phenomena in our solar system — from a relentless hurricane that’s raged on Jupiter for more than 400 years, to the electrical storms of Saturn’s “Storm Alley,” where lightning strikes are 100 times more powerful than those on Earth. Travel alongside a fictitious planetary spacecraft whose journey begins at the sun and continues to the outer reaches of our solar system.

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